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The Role Of Women In OTT Entertainment Advances (Forbes)

The rise of OTT allows for live and on-demand entertainment over the Internet, wherever and whenever consumers wish. That means you can watch those modern shows on any number of de... More

HCL Launches Career Development Initiative for Women (Times of India)

HCL’s career programme for women, ‘iBelieve’ was launched in Madurai on Saturday. Speaking at the event, Srimathi Sivashankar, executive vice-president of HCL Technologies, s... More

Women in Tech Score Symbolic Wins, but Cash Is Still Hard to Come By (Bloomberg)

A recent spate of headlines from the venture capital world might give the impression that the historically male-dominated industry has turned a corner.... More

How This Female Founder Created The ‘Spotify For Meditation’ (Forbes)

Yunha Kim started meditating to decrease the stress she felt from working hard to build her first startup, Locket, which she sold to the e-commerce platform Wish in 2015. "I was ab... More

The Search for Women Who Want Cybersecurity Careers (WSJ)

There is a shortage of workers in cybersecurity and a shortage of women in tech jobs. New efforts to get girls interested in cybersecurity are aimed at tackling both of those probl... More

AWS’ Tech Renaissance Woman Teresa Carlson Battles Tech Old Guard Propaganda to Modernize Nations (Forbes)

When Teresa Carlson first visited Capitol Hill in 2011 as vice president of Amazon Web Services (AWS) worldwide public sector operations, a long time Congressional leader she knew ... More

How Women Can Build Their Professional Networks (WSJ)

Networking is crucial for advancing a career, building relationships and getting knowledgeable about a range of subjects. And women have a much tougher time of it than men. It com... More

The Voice Remote Wouldn’t Exist Without This Woman’s Bet on AI (Forbes)

The last ten years have seen radical changes in the cable television sector. Market forces, new technologies, and consumer demand have remade cable companies as telecommunications ... More

How to Get Women Into Cloud Computing (InfoWorld)

The push to get more women in computing is decades old. I remember back in my college professor days they did studies on why there are fewer woman in computer science and informati... More

Supermodel Karlie Kloss’ Videos Showcase Brilliant Women in Tech (CNET)

Women perform vital work in science and technology every day. Yet their stories often go untold, leaving girls short of visible role models. Supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie K... More

Want More Women in Tech Jobs? Create a Culture of Flexibility & Entrepreneurship (Forbes)

It’s a well-known fact: We need more women in the male-dominated tech and STEM fields, where the future is unfolding at a breakneck clip. World-changing innovations happen in thi... More

How NPR’s Digital Audio Is Helping Advance Women, Brands (MV)

At NPR, there's a wonderful group of women in Digital Media that meet up to give each other advice and support. We also have women in leadership positions, including Gina Garrubbo,... More

The Systems Holding Back Women In Tech (Forbes)

Societal Influences and Biases: The ways in which girls perceive STEM related coursework and their own abilities are consciously and unconsciously shaped by the experiences of thos... More

HITS Spring: WiTH to Honor Hollywood Tech Leaders

During the May 17 HITS Spring: The Hollywood Innovation & Technology Summit in Los Angeles, Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH) will honor the winners of its second annual Leader... More

10 Leading Female CIOs (IW)

Within IT departments around the globe, men outnumber women by a wide margin. However, a significant number of female technology leaders have risen to the upper ranks of management... More

IBM’s Michelle Peluso on the Need to ‘Listen as Much as Speak’ in Storytelling, and the Future of Marketing (Forbes)

Michelle Peluso, SVP and CMO, IBM: "At IBM, we're really obsessed with being agile to the core and we have moved IBM marketing to be a truly agile discipline. We have also had to b... More

Glimmers of Hope for Women in the Male-Dominated Tech Industry (Bloomberg)

More young women are studying computer science in high school and at top U.S. universities than in the past.... More