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Karlie Kloss, SAP’s Alicia Tillman on What Happens When We Press Pause in Our Daily Lives (Thrive Global)

Karlie Kloss, founder of Kode With Klossy, and SAP’s Alicia Tillman discuss challenges and solutions for teams that are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.... More

How to Stay Sane While Working From Home With Kids (FastCompany)

When shelter-in-place orders went into effect in most of the country in March, parents across industries had to scramble to find childcare. For those of us lucky enough to not only... More

VC Funding for Women Has Plummeted During the Pandemic – Here’s What to Do About It (Forbes)

Let’s get to business: the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the economy. In that regard, its victims have disproportionately been women, who account for 55% of lost jobs... More

What 17 Female Entrepreneurs are Doing to Support Their Clients, Help Their Businesses Survive the Pandemic (BI)

Though nearly every aspect of our lives has changed in the past few weeks, the basic needs of business haven't. Pandemic or not, we need to pay the bills, pay employees, and keep o... More

EY’s Kris Lovejoy Part of ‘Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020’ List (WashingtonExec)

Named EY global advisory cybersecurity leader in 2019, Kris Lovejoy leads more than 7,000 EY employees across the globe to help organizations protect and grow their businesses thro... More

Entrepreneur Claudia Recchi on Inspiring Young Women in Tech (Forbes)

Edsights Cofounder Claudia Recchi talks abouyt what inspires her, what her coworkers think of her and her irrational fear.... More

Fadia Kader is the Woman Boosting Instagram’s ‘Verzuz’ Battles, More Viral Music Moments (Billboard)

As the strategic partnerships lead of music at Instagram, Fadia Kader is usually at work behind the scenes of many of the app’s viral music moments. Before the COVID-19 pandemic,... More

How Three Female Entrepreneurs are Navigating COVID-19, Preparing for the Future (Glamour)

Glamour’s Samantha Barry hosted a roundtable with CNBC and three female entrepreneurs to discuss how they're weathering unpredictable obstacles.... More

Thriving in Ambiguity: What to Do Your First Year as a Venture Capitalist (Forbes)

Landing a job as a VC is not easy. More people want seats in Silicon Valley than will ever get chairs. And even if you make it, the road ahead is still paved with ambiguity. One of... More

Alibaba Cloud: Women Should be Given the Right Tools to Create a Gender-Equal World (ET)

One area which lacks female representation is STEM. The world needs to change its mindset and believe that tech is a viable career path for women. In recent years, many organizatio... More

Hollywood’s High-Tech Visual Gatekeeper: ‘Messing Up the Color Messes Up Your Storytelling’ (THR)

The blue that a cinematographer sees when filming the ocean can look different from the blue that a viewer at home sees when watching those waves crash in a movie. Annie Chang aims... More

Women Wanted: Why Now Could be a Good Time for Women to Pursue a Career in AI (CNBC)

The coronavirus pandemic has upended countless jobs and even entire industries, leaving many wondering which will emerge out of the other side. One industry likely to endure — or... More

HBO Veteran Joins Spotify as General Counsel (THR)

Spotify has named a new general counsel. The music streaming company has tapped WarnerMedia veteran Eve Konstan to the role. She replaces Horacio Gutierrez, who in November was pro... More

How to Choose the Right Mentor for Your Startup (TNW)

The beauty of the startup-mentor relationship is that mentors can help you get into the mindset of your target audience. The ability to put your product into the hands of a potenti... More

The New Way of Working in 2020 (Forbes)

Due to the current situation, most of our staff is not in the office, and working hours have become more flexible. This has resulted in a bigger change. Our expectations have moved... More

Why the Crisis is Putting Companies at Risk of Losing Female Talent (HBR)

The Covid-19 crisis has reconfigured how we work, parent, and care for ourselves and our communities. It remains uncertain how a post-pandemic society will function, but already a ... More

Amanda Powers Named COO of Dick Clark Productions (Billboard)

Amanda Powers has been named chief operating officer of Dick Clark Productions, where she will report to company president Amy Thurlow. Powers moves over from DCP parent company Va... More

Paramount TV Studios’ Nicole Clemens on Managing ‘Portfolio’ of Content (Variety)

Nicole Clemens has been an agent, a producer and a creative executive for a major producer and a top network. But in her current role as president of Paramount Television Studios, ... More

6 Consumer Tech Trends to Watch in a Post-COVID World (Canaan Blog)

Creativity thrives within constraints. COVID-19, for better or worse, has provided some of the most unique constraints to test innovators’ prowess. We are not only faced with new... More

Why Now is the Time to Reinforce Support of Female Founders (Crunchbase)

Diversity in age and ethnicity is just as important for innovation. Varied backgrounds and experiences arguably lead to a team that better understands people and the needs of its c... More