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Gender Diversity: How C-Suite Can Lead the Change (CXO)

Gender diversity has been a hot topic in technology for years and many boards have also made strides. But studies indicate a lot more needs to be done to encourage women in leaders... More

The Sky Is the Limit for EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women (Forbes)

Launched in 2008, the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program has supported high-potential women entrepreneurs with know-how, connections, and community. It started in the United ... More

Women’s Biggest Workplace Obstacle is Much Earlier in the Pipeline Than the ‘Glass Ceiling’ (CIO Dive)

While recent data shows employers are making progress on gender equity, women remain underrepresented at every level, according to a report from LeanIn.org and McKinsey. And it's n... More

The Best Cities for STEM and High Tech Jobs Outside Silicon Valley (Inc.)

Just because you want a high-tech salary doesn't mean you have to live in San Francisco or San Jose.... More

Women Founders Have it Tough. Women in ‘Hard Tech’ Have it Tougher (Fast Company)

It’s worse than you think: By now, most businesspeople know that women-led companies have raised less than 3% of U.S. venture capital dollars, a number that has remained stubborn... More

Women Execs: Find Your Tribe and Tap Into Success (Forbes)

For every woman who achieves a director-level or higher role, 1.8 men do the same, according to a LinkedIn study. The gap only widens as professionals move up the rank. The impact ... More

If Women Don’t Apply to Your Company, This Is Probably Why (HBR)

“I’d love to hire more women, but when I post a job, they don’t apply. They’re not interested.” “There just aren’t enough qualified women to do the job.” At the Sta... More

Survey: Biggest Reasons Women Aren’t Getting Ahead at Work (CNBC)

In the past five years, workplaces have had many conversations about harassment and equality, with the rise of the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. But as a result, has anything r... More

EY Launches STEM Tribe Education App In India for Teen Girls (Inc 42)

Ernst & Young, in collaboration with Silicon Valley-based Tribal Planet, has launched a mobile platform called EY STEM Tribe for girls between 13-18 years age group. The EY STEM Tr... More

Google Cloud Hires McInnis-Day as New VP of HR (Workforce)

Brigette McInnis-Day has been named Google Cloud’s new vice president of HR. Bringing over 20 years’ experience, McInnis-Day previously worked as chief operations officer and h... More

5 Keys to Mentorship in 2020 (Thrive Global)

Set plans to finish this year and start the new year strong by creating a space for mentorship. ... More

How VC Can Help More Women Get Ahead (HBR)

At current rates of progress, equality in the U.S. is still 208 years away, according to the World Economic Forum. Venture capital can help bend that curve because it’s designed ... More

In India, the New SAP Labs Managing Director Gets to Work (MESA)

After nearly 20 years with SAP, Sindhu Gangadharan has moved back to Bangalore, the city of her childhood, to serve as managing director of SAP Labs India. In many ways, it is a... More

Women In AI: IBM’s Lisa Amini Takes on AI Security, Reasoning (Forbes)

The rapidly evolving market of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a rich history dating back to Alan Turing's seminal paper on "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" in the 1950s. Th... More

3 Reasons Women Leave Tech Careers – and How to Stop It (CIO Dive)

Signs of a healthy corporate culture, one that encourages equality among its ranks, is a high retention rate among staffers. Women who chose to leave careers in tech said three fac... More

DXC Technology Appoints Mary Finch to Lead Global Human Resources (MESA)

DXC Technology announced the appointment of Mary E. Finch as executive vice president and chief human resources officer (CHRO), reporting to company president and CEO Mike Salvino.... More

Amazon Studios Boss Jen Salke Gives a Primer on Amazon’s Film Strategy (The Wrap)

Salke has led Amazon Studios now for roughly a year and half and, she said, the film side of the business was the biggest challenge when she took the job. Now, with theatrical in a... More

The Key to Diversity and Inclusion Is Mentorship (Forbes)

Research indicates that to establish a successful workplace diversity program, creating more opportunities for continued engagement is critical. These engagement opportunities can ... More

Women in Cybersecurity: Where We are and Where We’re Going (Scientific American)

Meg Whitman, Ginni Rometty, Marissa Mayer and Safra Catz are among the few women who have broken the glass ceiling as CEOs of technology companies. However, while women make up hal... More

Meet the Women Leading Netflix Into the Streaming Wars (Fortune)

Apple, Disney, and others are challenging its dominance like never before. Here's the team behind the tech giant’s big bet on original content.... More