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Inside Netflix’s Quest to Become a Global TV Giant (Variety)

Bela Bajaria, who oversees the creation of Netflix’s massive array of original content in Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, India, Asia and Latin America as VP of local-la... More

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons on Mentorship (Forbes)

What makes a great mentor? When we think about mentorship, we often skip over what it took to get to a place to be able to mentor - or that most mentors themselves are still seekin... More

Disney+ Content Chief Exits to Lead Condé Nast Entertainment (TBI)

Disney+ SVP of content Agnes Chu is leaving the recently launched streamer to take up a new role heading up video at Condé Nast. She will oversee CNE’s digital video, TV and fil... More

ZOO Digital’s Mariana Lima and Cris Gurgel Discuss Language, Translation (MESA)

Specializing in European and Brazilian Portuguese, respectively, this duo has a wealth of translation expertise under their belts. Here, they discuss content, technology and the ch... More

SAP Appoints New Brazil President (ZDNet)

SAP has appointed a new president for its Brazil operations following the promotion of the previous incumbent to a regional role. Adriana Arroulho had been acting as chief operatin... More

Crumbling Cookies Fueling OTT Ads, First-Party Data: IAB’s Richardson (Beet.TV)

For many, the deprecation of third-party cookies by Mozilla, Apple and, soon, Google’s Chrome comes as the end of a chapter in online advertising. But it is also the beginning of... More

Pandora’s Crystal Park Meets the Challenges of Being New by Listening to Customers (BizWomen)

"WFH can be hard. I joined Pandora six and a half months ago, and two months into my new job New York moved to stay-at-home orders. From home, I’m now managing a growing family a... More

Investing in ‘Rockstars’: How One Fund is Building Businesses With Women of Color ([email protected])

A visit to the WOCstar Fund website is the first indication that this venture capital firm does things a little differently. Stock photo images and formal copywriting are forgone i... More

How Training Technology, LMS Support Upskilling (SAP Insights)

Reskilling the workforce has long been top-of-mind for organizations. Today, as leaders respond to global disruption, many with a remote workforce, they are relying on training tec... More

Why Your Mentorship Program Isn’t Working (HBR)

After five decades of mentoring relationship research, the evidence is irrefutable: people who have strong mentors accrue a host of professional benefits, including more rapid adva... More

Virtual Mentorship is Key to Continuing Personal Development in a Remote Environment (Forbes)

The workplace has changed drastically in the last few months; I don’t have to tell you that. People are figuring out how to manage their time, maintain personal connection and re... More

Intel’s CIO Discusses Digital Transformation, Next Gen Technology (Forbes)

Digital transformation is not the latest industry catchphrase. It’s a movement—a significant shift in how companies operate, compete, and grow, according to Archie Deskus, who ... More

ZOO Digital’s Beth Ward Talks Localization, Film (MESA)

"I’m really interested in the translation of children’s animated films. There are so many more things you need to take into account when translating children's films. For examp... More

3 Tips to Better Lead Remote Analytics Teams (CMS Wire)

Communications can get tough when analytics teams work from home, revealing workflow bottlenecks in unexpected ways. At times, analytics teams are called on to comment when they do... More

The U.S. Saw the Highest Rate of New Women CEOs so Far This Year (Yahoo Finance)

U.S. businesses saw the highest rate of new women chief executives on record. This comes as a diverse and inclusive Corporate America has become an urgent demand, not just a nice t... More

Remote Work in a Post-Pandemic World (Forbes)

The outbreak of Covid-19 forced many businesses to rapidly switch to the remote work model, even those that had never planned to make such a change. For better or worse, we cannot ... More

Adobe CIO Stoddard: AI Bots Can ‘Cut Toil,’ Reduce Demands for IT Help (VentureBeat)

While average people know Adobe mostly as the company behind Photoshop, their consumption of digital and printed content created by Adobe apps is incalculable, thanks largely to it... More

Pathway to the CTO Role: The Twists, Turns and Rewards (Forbes)

As information technology has become pivotal to the success of businesses everywhere, the role of the individual in charge of IT strategy has advanced up the corporate hierarchy. T... More

The New Business Technology Priorities of 2020 (CIO Dive)

Previously-robust technology budgets are hampered by pandemic-motivated cost-saving measures. Cost control is a must, not a nice to have.... More

‘We’re Going After Everyone’ With Growth Strategy: Peacock’s Patricia Hadden (Beet.TV)

In preparing for the week’s official launch, Peacock had several months to experiment with its marketing efforts following a limited release on Comcast’s Xfinity Flex platform ... More