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M&E Journal: Preparing for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

By Chris Johnson, CEO and Director; Phil Herbert, Director; and Stephanie Iyayi, Director, Convergent Risks - The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force on Ma... More

M&E Journal: The Pattern to Unlock Smart Content

By Matt Turner, CTO, Media and Manufacturing, MarkLogic - Everyone in the M&E content ecosystem knows the Holy Grail of content value generation is in serving the right content... More

M&E Journal: Under the Hood of the Trusted Partner Network

Ben Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Partner Network (TPN) - For the past four years, software designers have been working together with security specialists to crea... More

M&E Journal: Get Ready for EIDR 3.0

By Will Kreth, Executive Director, Entertainment ID Registry - Since its first release in 2010, the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) — a widely adopted industry standard univ... More

A Single Source of Truth: Rights Management in the Age of Digitalization

By Michael McGuire, Chief Revenue Officer, FilmTrack- Over the past decade, the M&E ecosystem has been completely redefined. Advances in technology have completely changed t... More

M&E Journal: New Tools Needed for New Forms of Storytelling

By Mario Kenyon, Head of Production & Daniel Kenyon, Founder and CEO, Furious M - Immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed are the next major gr... More

The Buzz on Blockchain

By Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA - Every few years a new buzz word travels around Hollywood. Some come. Some go. Some are glorified to oblivion. Others ride through Gartn... More

M&E Journal: Assurance: The Game Plan to Winning the Battle Against Dynamic Cyber Threats

By Murali Rao, GM, Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Management Consulting business, Wipro’s Cybersecurity and Risk Services division - Listening to cybersecurity experts... More

M&E Journal: In the Decades from Kazaa to Kodi: Have Things Really Changed?

By Mo Ali, U.K. Business Development, Media Science International - In the late 1990s and early 2000s, file sharing had been something of a dark art, strictly for the uber-tech... More

M&E Journal: Hollywood Without Borders

By Devendra Mishra, MESA - Since its inception, Hollywood has successfully deployed new technologies that enhance viewing quality and the efficiency of production and business ... More

M&E Journal: Turning Content Storage into a Competitive Advantage

By Adrian Herrera, Vice President, Marketing, Caringo - When it comes to consuming content, convenience is now king and your storage strategy must adapt. From dwindling cable s... More

M&E Journal: Smart Content Drives Smart Asset Usage and Engagement

By John Price, Product Marketing Manager, OpenText - I’m sure we’ve all had them. Those “how did they know that?” moments when online, be it on a website, social media,... More

M&E Journal: Supercharging Innovation for M&E Workflows with Modern Scale-Out Storage

By Matt Ashton, Technical Marketing Engineer, Qumulo - Storage infrastructure is an integral ingredient in the success of today’s media and entertainment organizations. File-... More

M&E Journal: Contextual Awareness and Creating the Eternal Archive

By Erik Weaver, Director Product Marketing for M&E Solutions, Western Digital Corp. - The M&E industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in data storage, driven by massive volumes... More

M&E Journal: Seeking Efficiency, Monetization for Content Owners, Distributors

By Steve Rosenberg, COO, Premiere Digital - A decade-plus into digital distribution the marketplace looks as expected, with millions of avails across hundreds of retailers and p... More

M&E Journal: Asset Management Consolidation Projects are Soooo 2014

By Jon Christian, Founding Partner; David Liu, Principal; Paul Stahly, Senior Manager; Steven Sabonjohn, Senior Manager; and Justin Briars, Senior Consultant; Digital Supply Chain ... More

M&E Journal: Making Movie Magic Securely in the Cloud: A New Wave of Innovation

By Ziad Lammam, VP Product Management and Marketing, Teradici - Hollywood is no stranger to digital transformation. Evolving from silent, black and white films, today’s enter... More

M&E Journal: Content Security and Disaster Recovery for Broadcasters in the Digital Age

By Tim Jackson, SVP Sales and Marketing, the Americas, Globecast - Media companies worldwide are becoming more focused on content security. Content security takes many forms, w... More

M&E Journal: How Digital Demand Is Disrupting Dubbing

By Dr. Stuart Green, CEO, ZOO Digital - Thanks to the boom in popularity of digital channels and internet streaming services for film, TV and video, content owners are seeing mo... More