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M&E Journal: Reimagining Advertising With Digital: Connecting Buyers and Sellers

By Brajesh Jha, Global Head, Media Entertainment, Genpact - Most media companies have taken significant steps with digital, using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to ... More

M&E Journal: How Secure is Your Cloud Solution?

By Lulu Zezza, Co-Founder, One-Simple - Only a few years ago we considered the cloud “unsafe.” Today we consider cloud solutions safer than our on-premise networks. This is ... More

M&E Journal: Measuring Accurate Ad Exposure

By James Maysonet, Head of Business Development, Videocites - Can you actually measure the true performance of your online video ad or promotion? How effective was it? Did your ... More

M&E Journal: Carving Out Streaming Space

By Chris Tribbey, Editorial Director, MESA - In early November, video game and entertainment site IGN did the math: anyone wanting to subscribe to every major streaming service ... More

M&E Journal: Making Big Data Work for You to Create Contextualized Engagement

By Philip Paisnel, VP Client Partner, Softtek - Both business users and consumers desire an intuitive content delivery experience that is as frictionless as possible. The name I... More

M&E Journal: Finding the Right Content Financials Solution for M&E

By Kedar Patwardhan, Global Head, M&E Business, Invenio Business Solutions - The unique creative drive of Hollywood to tell stories for enhanced consumer experience has been acc... More

M&E Journal: A Close Up on Cybersecurity Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry

By John-Thomas Gaietto, Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Michael Wylie, Director, Cybersecurity, Richey May Technology Solutions - As modern media companies race to create... More

M&E Journal: Cloud Services: Home to Future Media Production

By David Boland, Director Product Marketing, Wasabi - MovieLabs, the nonprofit technology research lab run by Hollywood studios, recently published a milestone white paper prese... More

M&E Journal: Unlocking the Power of AI to Solve Media and Entertainment Use Cases

By Muralidhar Sridhar, VP AI and ML, Prime Focus Technologies - Artificial intelligence (AI) offers tremendous promise for the M&E industry. From enabling content creators to au... More

M&E Journal: How Will Content Evolve for the D2C Marketplace?

By Devendra Mishra, Chief Strategist, MESA - Hollywood is on an epic journey to deliver its content direct-to-consumer (D2C), a journey that will not only transform distribution... More

M&E Journal: Data Availability, Done Right

By Tobias Queisser, Co-Founder, CEO, Cinelytic - It’s Monday evening at 7 p.m. and a senior executive at a movie studio has asked for a cross-divisional green light analysis o... More

M&E Journal: The Capitol Crawl to Disability Rights

By Joe Devon, Co-Founder, Diamond - Imagine the scene on March 12, 1990, when 60 paraplegics got out of their wheelchairs and crawled up the steps of the Capitol Building to pro... More

M&E Journal: Leveraging 5G to Drive Innovation and Creativity in Hollywood

By Jeffrey Thompson, Senior Director, M&E, Luxoft - The M&E industry is experiencing an unprecedented wave of technological advancements that will continue to disrupt and advanc... More

M&E Journal: Applying Intelligent Analytics to Greenlighting and Marketing

By Timothy Sheehy, VP M&E, Birlasoft - Need a reason to pay attention? Let’s start by looking at the numbers: 80 percent of films lose money. 64 percent of TV shows are cancel... More

M&E Journal: Modern Solutions for Modern Content Deals

By Michael McGuire, Chief Revenue Officer, FilmTrack - Hollywood and its distribution model have changed drastically, and the change is not showing any signs of slowing down. En... More

M&E Journal: Unlocking OTT Stream Data to Improve Monetization

By Jesse Michelsen, Ad Proxy Technical Lead, Verizon Media - OTT enables broadcasters and content creators to go well beyond the traditional linear TV experience, making it poss... More

M&E Journal: How to Solve Subscription Frustration (And Save Movie Night, Too)

By Raman Abrol, General Manager, Amdocs Media - Does this sound familiar? It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Friday, movie night with the family. You agree on where to order food, wait fo... More

M&E Journal: Break Your App. Do It Again

By Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) - In karate, earning a black belt isn’t the end of your journey; it is just the beginning. So too i... More

M&E Journal: The Rights and Metadata Agility Imperative

By Ross French, Senior Director, and Alex Akers, Manager, Consulting, KlarisIP - Sam leads the sales team for a media content company — a well-oiled machine that has been maki... More