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Adobe CEO: COVID-19 ‘Changing Everything About Life and Work as We Know It’

The growing importance of digital experiences are only being amplified amid the current coronavirus crisis, according to Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO and president, as his company u... More

Industry Execs: Media Will Bounce Back from Coronavirus Impacts

COVID-19 has significantly harmed the media industry, but the sector is learning a lot of lessons from the current crisis and will bounce back, according to Peter White, CEO of the... More

Caringo, Wasabi Execs Tout ‘Friendly Coopetition’ Between Cloud, On-Prem Storage

Depending on your organization’s storage needs, it sometimes still makes sense to keep your data on-prem and it sometimes makes sense to shift your storage entirely to the cloud.... More

GameStop Execs: New Microsoft, Sony Consoles Still Expected This Fall

Despite the ongoing global coronavirus crisis, the new Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 video game consoles are still expected to ship during the 2020 holiday season,... More

BeBop, Sony, NHRA Tout Benefits of Moving Post-Production to the Cloud

Sports brands need to increase the value of their assets while keeping their fans engaged in compelling content and there are several advantages for them to move their post-product... More

Update on Tap for Language Metadata Table

Enhancements continue to be made to the Language Metadata Table (LMT) open-source table of language metadata codes geared toward the broadcast and entertainment industries, and the... More

WiTH @ Smart Panel: Innovation Remains Challenging Across All Organizations

Regardless of the size or maturity of a business — and even across all media, entertainment and marketing channels — innovation continues to be a challenge that transcends all ... More

Verizon Media: Fans are Open to Paying More to Stream Live Sports

There is a huge opportunity for content providers streaming live sports if they can provide sports fans with greater personalization, better viewing options and a different adverti... More

Adobe CEO: Company Continued to See Document Cloud ‘Momentum’ in Q1

Strength in Adobe Document Cloud, as well as continued growing demand for Adobe’s mobile applications, provided a boost for the company’s results in the first quarter (ended Fe... More

Whip Media: More Insightful Data Stands to Help Industry and Viewers

Insightful data that goes beyond traditional viewership metrics can significantly help the industry make smarter content choices and also give consumers more of the type of content... More

Sohonet CEO Explores Challenges, Solutions for Today’s Remote Post Collaboration

It used to be that working remotely in the media and entertainment space was a luxury. However, with those working on productions spread all across the world and amid ever-increasi... More

WiTH @ Smart Keynote: Time to End Pattern Matching in the Entertainment Sector

Despite women statistically yielding higher returns when it comes to Hollywood movies, it would be a great idea to start following the money and ending pattern matching when it com... More

Veritone Execs: Company Scored Multiple Business Wins in Q4

The past year was a notable one for Veritone as it launched multiple new products, established major new channel partnerships and “invested significantly in product development,... More

Early Signs Positive for AT&T TV’s National Launch

It is still early, but AT&T is seeing promising signs from the national launch of the Android TV-based AT&T TV streaming service March 2, according to John Stankey, preside... More

Gracenote Growth Gave Nielsen a Q4 Lift

Growth at Gracenote provided Nielsen a boost in its fourth quarter and fiscal year (ended Dec. 31), the company said Feb. 27. “In 2019, we saw mid-single-digit growth in Grace... More

Box CEO: Shield’s a ‘Core Catalyst’ for Suite Adoption

Box saw continued strong demand for its Box Shield security controls and intelligent threat detection capabilities in the fourth quarter (ended Jan. 31), according to company CEO A... More

Salesforce’s Latest Acquisition is Vlocity for $1.3B

Salesforce is acquiring Vlocity, a provider of cloud and mobile software built natively on the Salesforce platform, for about $1.33 billion in cash net of Salesforce's ownership in... More

Croogloo: Connecting Film, TV Production Operations

Combining the best practices of supply chain science, tech, and production operations, Montreal-based Croogloo has a bold goal: help Studios and Crew cut production days, using dat... More

Akamai: API Attacks by Cybercriminals are on the Rise

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are increasingly being targeted in hostile takeover attempts, according to Akamai Technologies. “We have a really consistent amount o... More