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M&E Day: RSG Media Explores How AI, ML Can Boost Media Companies’ Revenue

Artificial intelligence (AI)- and machine learning (ML)-driven analytics are busting long-loved myths and giving savvy media companies the radical insights they need to upend how t... More

M&E Day: Convergent Risks Stresses Need for End-to-End Security

It's important that media and entertainment organisations' security initiatives keep pace with the needs of today’s distributed workforce and collaborative workflows, according t... More

LMT Chair: Language Metadata Table Helps Everybody Manage Their Media Assets

The Language Metadata Table (LMT) was created to provide a unified source of reference of language codes for use throughout the media and entertainment industries, and it continues... More

M&E Day: Richey May Technology Stresses Importance of a Secure Cloud

The need for cloud workflows has grown even faster as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic-caused shift to global remote work, and this has made building a secure cloud even more impo... More

M&E Day: Caringo Weighs Pros, Cons of Archiving Content On-Prem vs. Cloud  

Although the cloud should undoubtedly be part of a media organization’s remote workflow strategy, companies still find themselves weighing whether archiving content  on-premise ... More

Adobe Exec: Pandemic Has Created Challenge and Opportunity for M&E Industry

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges and opportunity for every corner of the media and entertainment industry, according to Ehren Hozumi, VP of media, entertainment... More

Digital Nirvana: AI Can Be Leveraged to Simplify, Enhance STT Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used by media and entertainment companies to simplify and enhance all of their subtitling, translation and transcription (STT) services in the c... More

Invenio Exec Touts Solutions for M&E Companies to Overcome Key Production Challenges

Media and entertainment companies are scrambling to overcome the onslaught of simultaneous productions and increased costs that have come along with the explosion of new content du... More

Whip Media: Data-Driven Predictions Can Help M&E Companies Compete

Now that audiences have become so fragmented and there is so much more competition than ever before for their screen time, grabbing a viewer’s attention — and keeping it — by... More

Avanade Provides Tips on How M&E Companies Can Better Deal With the ‘New Normal’

Although the media and entertainment industry thrives on a “high-touch” working style, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a “new normal” in which nearly everybody has shifte... More

Despite Pandemic Challenges, Reasons for M&E Industry Optimism

The media and entertainment industry has been facing multiple challenges as the result of the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are reasons for cautious optimi... More

Tamr: Machine Learning Can Be Used to Transform Creative Talent Management

Machine learning can be used by the best talent managers today to transform creative talent management and find the right opportunities for their clients, according to Matt Holzapf... More

CDSA: App & Cloud Framework’s What We Needed to Deal With Threats in the Cloud

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) App & Cloud Framework “has been a long time coming, but we now have a good mechanism to start to deal with some of the ... More

Eluvio CEO: This is a ‘Black Swan’ Moment for Extreme Innovation

Despite the crisis represented to at least parts of the media and entertainment industry by the ongoing pandemic and other current challenges, this is also a “Black Swan” momen... More

The Blurring Line Between Content Security and Information Security

Protecting content is a constantly evolving challenge as the entire media and entertainment ecosystem quickly shifts to cloud infrastructure. Although content security and informat... More

Iyuno, SDI Execs: ABCA to Help Audio Service Professionals Overcome Challenges

The new, nonprofit Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA) will help audio services professionals confront current and future challenges, so that they can continue working throug... More

Sony NMS: Successful Digital Supply Chains Scale as You Grow

When it comes to a media organization’s digital supply chain, scalability is one of the keys to success, according to Kunal Shah, VP of software engineering and architecture at S... More

CDSA Touts Significance of New App and Cloud Framework

With the launch of the site security assessment program through the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) board of directors immediately... More

How Tape Ark Overcame Legacy Technical Challenges

Amid the rapid pace of technological advances and consumer viewing demands, media organizations have found themselves creating “work arounds” to address tape and other legacy I... More