Tata Communications Launches Specialized Cybersecurity Lab

Digital infrastructure firm Tata Communications has launched a new cybersecurity lab at SASTRA Deemed University in Tamil Nadu in Dubai, with the goal of partnering with other univ... More

Box Execs: Evaluating Cloud Vendors for Security, Compliance is Crucial

Evaluating cloud vendors based on their security and compliance capabilities is a must for any business because when you do business with one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor, y... More

IBC 2018: CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM Ready to Deliver Pay TV Services Globally

A partnership of major players in the CAM ecosystem, led by Irdeto, announced a productized CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM which is ready for certification. Initially formed in 2017 to suppor... More

IBC 2018: NAGRA Launches NexGuard QuickMark Watermarking Solution

Just ahead of the IBC Show, NAGRA announced it’s launching a new watermarking solution, designed specifically to combat premium live sports piracy on open devices. Dubbed NexG... More

Trusted Partner Network Guardians Newsletter Launches

The industrywide Trusted Partner Network (TPN) — a content security initiative geared toward helping companies prevent leaks, breaches and hacks of pre-release film and TV conten... More

Vodafone TV Taps NAGRA for Security Services

Telecommunications firm Vodafone has tapped NAGRA and its Security Services Platform (SSP) to provide a single content value protection system for Vodafone’s TV service on multip... More

NAGRA Pay TV Findings: Expect More Competition, Piracy Challenges

Nearly 85% of pay TV executives are bracing for more competition in the paid-for-video services space, and 90% say they need to emphasize innovation to remain relevant, according t... More

NSS Labs Puts Out Call for Next-Gen Firewall Group Test

Cybersecurity research and guidance firm NSS Labs is developing the next iteration of its Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Group Test, and has issued a call for both enterprises and... More

ISE’s Charitable Giving Campaign Has Information Security Hook

Security consulting firm Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) has launched new initiative, dubbed “Buy One / Give One,” that rewards companies that invest in a security assess... More

MPAA Updates Content Security Best Practices to Align With Trusted Partner Network

As part of its dynamic improvement efforts, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has announced the first update of its Content Security Best Practices since the formati... More

Irdeto: P2P Piracy Still Dominants

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks continue to be the No. 1 source of pirating copies of movies and TV shows, according to new research from Irdeto, and the growth in streaming video pira... More

NAGRA’s Tholen on Streaming Piracy: ‘Know Thy Enemy’

Pay TV operators pay a pretty penny to license the broadcast rights for big sporting events. And along with that comes the inevitability of some people stealing that live broadcast... More