Quartz Created a Slack to Help Readers Around the World Follow the Election (Nieman Lab)

On Election Day, Quartz created a Slack team to help its readers — particularly those outside the U.S. — gather and talk about the results. Within 24 hours of Quartz posting it... More

Election’s Big Winner Was Twitter (USA Today)

There was a big turnout on Election Day — on Twitter. Whether they cast their vote for Donald Trump, who champions Twitter as a "modern-day form of communication", or Hillary Cli... More

Facebook Launches Flash, Another Snapchat Clone, for Emerging Markets (Recode)

Facebook is launching another Snapchat clone, a standalone ephemeral picture and video messaging app — complete with face-distorting masks — that looks almost identical to Snap... More

Why Twitter Might Sell Vine Instead of Shutting It Down (Fortune)

Several weeks ago, Twitter announced that it was closing down Vine, its short-video sharing app. The news was widely mourned by fans of the service, but it appears that those eulog... More

Why Some Big Brands are Starting to Produce Their Own Podcasts (Adweek)

As marketers struggle to find creative ways to inure fickle consumers to their ads, companies like General Electric and HBO are busy producing their own podcasts, hoping to capture... More

Uber is Rolling Out a Big Redesign Powered by Machine Learning (VentureBeat)

The new Uber app features an interface its 40 million monthly riders worldwide will recognize, at least for the most part. You can request a ride just like always, but the app uses... More

Mobile Gaming Isn’t so Mobile (Games Industry)

According to a new report, digital game spending is well over three times that of eBooks, and a lot of that spending is happening on consoles and PC/Mac, where players spend around... More

Data is Worth its Weight in Gold for Marketers (Raconteur)

Big data keeps getting bigger. We create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, according to IBM. As much as 90 per cent of the world’s data has been created in the last two ye... More

With the Closure of Vine, Snapchat May See an Influx of Creators (Digiday)

Whither goes the Vine refugee? With Twitter’s announcement last week that it’s shutting down the six-second looping video platform, Viners who have amassed audience have to thi... More

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on the Future of Communication (WSJ)

On a future that’s split and fragmented between platforms: "There’s a kind of idealist who thinks we have to consolidate all these different platforms into one because they onl... More

Universal Music Group Kicks Off VR App for Live Concerts (Twice)

The music industry is beginning to embrace virtual reality. Universal Music Group (UMG) is launching a new mobile VR app called VRTGO that will allow 3D/360-degree live-streaming p... More

360 Photos, Videos are Coming to Facebook’s Instant Articles (TechCrunch)

Facebook’s Instant Articles — the format that displays publishers’ content in a faster-loading, distraction-free view when accessed by Facebook users on mobile devices — ar... More

TiVo Finds Millennials Are Fickle Viewers (Light Reading)

TiVo released follow-up findings from its 2016 TiVo consumer survey, focusing on the behavior of U.S. millennials and how this coveted demographic interacts with video content, pro... More

Instagram Stories Get Mixed Reviews from Marketers (Digiday)

Earlier this week, Instagram moved its Snapchat-like Stories to the Explore tab and announced that the feature has about 100 million daily active users. Now that Stories has been o... More

Pandora’s New iMessage App Lets You Text Your Favorite Music (TechCrunch)

Tucked away inside Pandora’s rebranded app, launched yesterday, the company was hiding its first iMessage app, too. In fact, it’s the first third-party party streaming music se... More

NFL Teams Will Now Be Fined for Posting Videos and GIFs During Games (TechCrunch)

The NFL just announced a new social media policy that is about as anti-fan friendly as it gets. According to league memos obtained by ESPN, the league’s social media policy effec... More

Snapchat Courts Hollywood Producers for New Programming (Digiday)

Snapchat wants Hollywood to pitch in programming ideas as it seeks to continue shifting its media offerings from more of a publication concept to act like TV shows. Now part of ... More

Snapchat Reportedly Prepping $25 Billion IPO (Billboard)

The company, which recently rebranded from Snapchat to Snap with the launch of its new Spectacles glasses, is said to be preparing for an IPO with an eye toward making a public deb... More

Salesforce, U of Texas System Team Up to Build Out Learning Platform (Inside Higher Ed)

The growing learning relationship management market got a major new player this week as the University of Texas System announced it will further develop TEx, its homegrown learning... More

Apple TV Gets First Ticketing App With Launch of StubHub (Variety)

Users of the fourth-generation Apple TV can now purchase tickets to thousands of concerts and sporting events available on StubHub, marking the launch of the first ticketing servic... More