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How Data-Smart Marketers Deliver Better Customer Experiences (Adobe Blog)

If content is king, then experience is the often more powerful queen. Both are essential for brands to meet customer expectations in today’s multi-channel environment. But whethe... More

Adobe to Launch Photoshop for iPad in Strategy Shift (Bloomberg)

Adobe, the maker of popular digital design programs for creatives, is planning to launch the full version of its Photoshop app for Apple's iPad as part of a new strategy to make it... More

Why The Rock’s Social Media Muscle Made Him Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actor (Forbes)

In addition to hefty $20 million up-front paychecks and cuts of back-end studio profit he'll insist on a separate seven-figure social media fee with every movie in which he appears... More

Facebook Unwraps Holiday-Ready AR, Instagram Tools for Merchants (The Drum)

Facebook yesterday announced a group of new tools for retailers to cater to shoppers this holiday season. Facebook has been testing out an augmented reality ad feature for its news... More

The Current Reality of Augmented Reality (AdAge)

Augmented reality is on the cusp of being one of the technological advances that are all but guaranteed to change our day-to-day behavior. Imagine living in a world filled with "mo... More

On Instagram TV, Brands Go Longer and Weirder (AdAge)

Brands and publishers are among the first to use IGTV, the new long-form video platform that lives inside Instagram and has its own standalone app. Instead of the minute-limit in t... More

The Future is OTT – Advertisers Must Move with the Market (The Drum)

Asia was slow to launch over-the-top video offerings such as live TV streaming or subscription video on demand (SVOD) but the market is starting to move with new services launching... More

How Savvy TV Content Owners are Leaning in to Connected TV (B&C)

The tide of traditional television is turning, as consumers and marketers embrace its digital counterpart in connected television. Forrester suggests we’re reaching an inflection... More

Featured Jobs: BAMTECH Media; Box; Salesforce

Insights Analyst — NYC — BAMTECH Media Director, Market and Competitive Intelligence — Redwood City, CA — Box Director, M&A Integration — San Francisco — Salesforce ... More

How Advertisers Can Combat Information Overload with More Data (MediaPost)

In a world where managing big data effectively is overwhelming, advertisers need to utilize newer technologies to make sense of the growing mountain of information. But sometimes t... More

5 Priorities for Your Pay-TV Digital Transformation Strategy (NAGRA Blog)

Digital transformation is more than just the latest buzzword du jour. It is the mantra that is driving all industries forward, including those in the M&E space. Ignore it, and you... More

How Retailers are Reinventing Target Marketing with AI, Machine Learning (SAP Blog)

“We wanted to show how companies can use SAP Customer Experience to engage with their customers throughout the buying journey,” said Hansen Lieu from SAP Customer Experience. ... More

How Will Targeted Ads Fare in an Era of Data Protection? ([email protected])

If targeted advertising needed indicators of both enormous growth and potential threats ahead, several recent events have been only too happy to oblige.... More

Blockchain Could Help Users Take Control of Their Digital Data (Disruptive.Asia)

Blockchain, a technology that has seen success in cryptocurrency and beyond through its security, efficiency and non-centralized control, has been seen as a way of democratizing da... More

Smart In-Store Wi-Fi Keeps People Shopping (Cisco Blog)

Whether visiting a mom n’ pop shop on Main Street or a luxury store on Fifth Avenue—customers will come in asking for relevant, personalized experiences. Customers expect retai... More

Apple’s Shortcuts Will Flip the Switch on Siri’s Potential (TechCrunch)

At WWDC, Apple pitched Shortcuts as a way to ”take advantage of the power of apps” and ”expose quick actions to Siri.” But since this new feature won’t let Siri interpret... More

Creators are Making Longer Videos to Cater to the YouTube Algorithm (Digiday)

YouTube has frustrated digital video creators for not always displaying their videos to the people who subscribe to their channels and for sometimes pulling ads from their videos t... More

The NFL Doubles its Live Content Correspondent Program to Grow its Content Library (Digiday)

The NFL is looking to grow its content library, not only to feed its associated social accounts but produce more programming for its own media properties and potentially license to... More

Netflix to Remove Online User Reviews (Billboard)

Netflix is getting rid of the user reviews feature of its website. The streamer began notifying users this week that, as of July 30, they will no longer be able to write reviews f... More

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sees Record Online Viewing Figures (Forbes)

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 has seen record online viewing figures, thanks to advances in OTT technology and the burgeoning mobile media streaming market. During the first week ... More