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How Infosys Reimagined the Tennis Experience ([email protected])

Fans access real-time insights on their handheld devices because of the Infosys Tennis Platform, a suite of digital technology tools contextualized to multiple aspects of tennis. T... More

You Can Now Control Music on Your iPhone, iPad With Your Voice (CNET)

It's been a long time coming, but you can finally use Siri on your iPhone or iPad to control Spotify. Start and stop music, change tracks or start playing a podcast using your voic... More

The Future of Intelligence at DXC Technology Starts With Adobe Experience Platform (Adobe Blog)

Data is a valuable resource for companies, and the more integrated, accessible and actionable it becomes, the more value it generates. The ability to sense, understand and respond ... More

Analyst: Apple TV+ Could Amass 100M Subs in 3-4 Years (FierceVideo)

Apple TV+, the company’s upcoming subscription video streaming service, could close in on Netflix-like subscriber totals in just a few years following its launch. That’s accord... More

OTT Live Streaming: Can It Get Up to Speed? (NAGRA Blog)

OTT providers have been streaming live content for years now. But more often than not, the experience has been inadequate for consumers. And with modern audiences increasingly expe... More

Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem (NYT)

Nir Eyal, who wrote the industry manual for hooking people on tech, now has a recipe to free you — even though it was your fault to begin with.... More

Airlines Sound the Death Knell for In-Flight Seatback Screens (Forbes)

Do you like watching a movie or a favorite TV show during a long flight? Be prepared to watch on your tiny smartphone screen if you don’t remember to pack a tablet. Three of the ... More

6 Digital Marketing Roles Your Team Needs for Scalable Success in 2020 (Skyword)

As a marketer, you’re used to focusing so intently on those yearly progress reports that you probably fail to communicate the need for new talent. It’s time to break the cycle.... More

How Will 5G Deployment Impact Smart Cities? (Security Intelligence)

There’s no doubt that 5G deployment is going to be a game changer when it comes to physical security in smart cities. But anything connected to the internet — anything that is ... More

Featured Jobs: Dolby; Genpact; Verizon Media

Sr. Research Engineer, Advanced Media Systems — Sunnyvale, CA — Dolby Global Executive Communications Leader — NYC — Genpact Ad Creative Technology, Sales Engineer — LA... More

NAGRA: Continued Growth of OTT, Piracy Present Challenges for Pay TV Industry (SSN)

Pay-TV industry executives are increasingly seeing the continued growth of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services as both a challenge and an opportunity, while the growth of p... More

Why Verizon Media is Poised for a 5G Ad Revolution (AdAge)

5G is coming and advertisers are doing everything in their power to stay ahead. Verizon has already launched 5G in roughly one-third of the 30 cities it’s planning to by the end ... More

Consumers More Willing to Share Data In Return for Offers (CMO)

As the world grows increasingly digital, companies need to evolve and focus on making consumers' lives easier and more efficient. There needs to be added value. New research backs ... More

Facebook Launches Instagram Threads, Its Latest Attempt to Clone Snapchat (CNBC)

Facebook announced the launch of Threads, a new messaging app for Instagram users. The app will be available for iPhone and Android and should be hitting app stores later in the da... More

Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Look to Oldies for New Music Streaming Subscribers (FBN)

Music streaming services are trying to use older music to draw in new subscribers, according to a recent report. The Wall Street Journal reported that companies like Spotify, Amazo... More

5G Sounds Great, but We Must Ensure it Won’t Ruin Internet Equality (TNW)

It’s hard to understand the exact impact of 5G connectivity, but we must pay attention to its risk to create an even bigger digital divide. Some experts predict that 5G will offe... More

Will AI Solve Geolocation Challenges for Leading Gaming Providers? (SDC)

Artificial intelligence is leading to some surprisingly robust advances in the field of digital gaming. One of the most important contributions of artificial intelligence is with g... More

BBC to Launch Revamped iPlayer in 2020 (TVB Europe)

The BBC is to roll out its revamped iPlayer next year, having received regulatory approval from Ofcom. The platform will host live streaming, catch-up, box sets and podcasting, wit... More

Rise in Mobile Device Failures Affects Employee Productivity (TechRepublic)

Mobile devices are crucial to an employee's success in the modern workforce. While the majority (80%) of IT business leaders believe employees need mobile devices to do their jobs,... More

How VR is Changing the Landscape for Mobile App Development (ReadWrite)

Every mobile application developed aims towards providing the best user experience with the highest functionalities that users expect. The mobile app development was able to reach ... More