Nielsen Is Preparing for Its Total Content Ratings to Go Public This Week (Adweek)

A year and a half after Nielsen first unveiled its Total Audience Measurement platform, the company is preparing for the public debut of a key Total Audience metric: Total Content ... More

Trump Has Made the Social Media Manager Your Most Valuable Employee (Bloomberg)

In the eight years Donald Trump has had a Twitter account, he has posted more than 34,000 tweets. About a hundred of them were sent after he was sworn in as president on Jan. 20. T... More

Nielsen Delays Wide Release of Total Content Ratings, Doesn’t Set New Target Date (AdAge)

Nielsen won't release a syndicated product of its Total Content Ratings as it originally planned on March 1. At a meeting between the ratings behemoth and clients on Friday, the pa... More

AT&T, Nielsen Sign Multi-Year Deal to Use Set-Top Box Data for Ratings Measurement

AT&T has signed a multi-year deal with Nielsen calling for set-top box data from connected homes subscribed to AT&T’s DirecTV and U-verse services to be included in Niels... More

Are eSports Eating Up Traditional Sports Viewership? (MIT Technology Review)

NFL ratings have plummeted this year. Commentators have blamed the election, a changing TV industry, shifts in viewing format, and even a lack of big-name stars. But there may be a... More

Study: Consumers Spend 50+ Hours Per Week Using a ‘Screen’ (MCN)

Consumers spend more than 50 hours a week using a “screen” -- whether that’s a TV, a PC, tablet or smartphone, The Diffusion Group found in a new study that also factors in ... More

Research: Young Children are Key Influencers in Home Entertainment Mix (The Drum)

Homes with both young and older kids show very high pay TV uptake, but it is in the homes with younger children where change behavior is highest. In all bit a few countries, homes ... More

4K OTT Adoption set to Soar (Advanced Television)

Data from Juniper Research has found that 4K OTT content will finally see mass-market appeal, with adoption set to soar over the next five years. The research found that although Y... More

Online Olympic Video Streaming is Big, but Not as Big as eSports (Recode)

Lots of people are streaming the Rio Olympics. Which may be one of the reasons TV ratings for the Olympics are down. If that’s true, that’s less-bad news for Comcast’s NBCUni... More

New Consumer Research Confirms Cable TV Viewers Want Choice and Simplicity for Viewing OTT Content (MESA)

New qualitative consumer research, conducted by Evolution Digital, shows that pay-TV subscribers are eager for a new way to have access to both traditional cable TV channels and po... More

TiVo Research Will Watch Olympics Viewers As They Watch Content, Commercials (Beet.TV)

TiVo Research might well be considered the Switzerland of TV viewing intelligence, offering a neutral view of linear viewing. “We don’t have a horse in the game so to speak,”... More

YuMe Research Finds Streaming Media Players Have Highest Growth (MediaPost)

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TV Business Targets Digital Viewership Claims With Proposed Measurement Standard (AdAge)

The TV industry has long argued that reports of huge audiences for Facebook and YouTube don't tell the whole story. Now a TV trade group is proposing metrics that it says would put... More

Nielsen Finds Little Demand For Ads In Video-On-Demand, Apathy Growing (MediaPost)

Global advertising-supported video-on-demand services, Internet-based and otherwise, continues to grow -- but the advertising content isn’t satisfying TV consumers. Some 66% of g... More

Rovi Report: Oscars Viewers Tuned Out After Hour One (B&C)

Viewership of the 2016 Academy Awards was down 6% this year to 34.3 million viewers, and a large chunk of those viewers didn’t bother sticking around for the whole show, accordin... More

The Battle For Control Of Your TV Has Only Just Begun (Fast Company)

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WWE did 8 Billion YouTube Views Last Year (Digiday)

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TV Is Losing Ground to the Internet Where It Really Counts (WIRED)

As a spate of new shows from Netflix and Amazon prove that some of the best television being made streams rather than airs, TV will take a financial hit. PwC’s annual five-year f... More

Waiting for Nielsen (Alan Wolk)

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