NAB 2019: SHIFT Sees Uptake; Prime Focus Debuts Micro Services (SSN)

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Apple Now Asks You to Confirm App Store Subscriptions (Engadget)

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Redbox Using TiVo to Provide Personalization (B&C)

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Super-Aggregators: The New Pay-TV Heroes (Videonet)

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Spotify is Quietly Becoming the Netflix of Audio (Inc.)

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Hulu Exploring New Ad Experiences for Binge Watching (AdAge)

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How to Better Excite Customers Via Machine Learning, VR (SAP Blog)

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How Netflix Plans on Owning Your Kids’ Screen Time (Fast Company)

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How Instagram Will Change Search, Path to Purchase (Media Post)

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Enterprise Mobility: Why We’re all Millennials When it Comes to Workplace Expectations (MicroStratgey Blog)

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Deluxe Adopts Data-Driven Strategy, Outlines How to Successfully Migrate to the Cloud (SCN)

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Television’s Future is Both Data-Driven and Linear (CMO)

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Study: As Streaming Hits New High, Podcasting Goes Mainstream, Smart Speakers Take Hold (Billboard)

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Experience-Led Commerce: From Personalization to Individualization (Adobe Blog)

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Survey: Podcast Growth is Popping in the U.S. (NY Times)

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