AppTek Expands Languages for ASR, NMT via Modzy AI Platform, Marketplace (MESA)

AppTek announced that it has deployed a total of sixteen ASR languages and twenty-five bi-directional NMT-ready languages into Modzy, an enterprise AI platform and marketplace.

The deployment extends AppTek’s language transcription and translation capabilities available via Modzy beyond the initial five ASR languages and two MT languages contributed by AppTek when the platform launched in November 2019.

Modzy enables government agencies and enterprises to securely access trusted AI models, like those provided by AppTek, to then rapidly deploy, manage, and monitor those AI models into production at scale.

With so many languages now integrated, packaged and available, customers can select from the languages that are most in-demand in the modern environment, and readily incorporate them into critical government and/or commercial applications. Automatically transcribed speech and translated text supports fast, effective communication and enhanced human interaction, especially regarding urgent issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the pending presidential election, the current economic disruption and other challenges facing the U.S. and beyond.

Mike Veronis, CRO at AppTek, said, “AppTek’s world-renowned scientific team and highly advanced artificial intelligence technologies equip us to accelerate the delivery of new language transcriptions and translations across a wide breadth of languages. Consequently, we have extended our language capabilities available via Modzy significantly in just eight months since the platform originally launched. By empowering organisations to streamline implementation of ASR and MT, the AppTek-Modzy solution is enabling speech-centric missions to move forward at the pace required in today’s volatile environment.”

Modzy is an enterprise AI platform offering scalable, secure AI model deployment. The Modzy platform leverages embedded security, proprietary adversarial defense, explainability, and governance features to solve some of the last mile challenges with operationalising machine learning models at enterprise scale.

“With the expansion of AppTek language capabilities in the Modzy marketplace, our customers can now access and deploy trusted models at scale for hard-to-find, mission-critical languages,” said Josh Sullivan, head of Modzy and Executive Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton.