Natasha Moya Upped to Lead Project Manager at The Kitchen (MESA)

Natasha Moya has been appointed to the newly created position of lead project manager for The Kitchen. Moya, who has been with The Kitchen Miami for six years, formerly was a project manager.

According to Ben Ferguson, VP operations, “We created this much needed position for Natasha, as she has proven to be one of the most dedicated members of our team. She has a keen understanding of our business and is intuitive, smart and flexible…all that it takes to make things happen. Dealing with a busy production schedule and managing the project work-flow, while maintaining the integrity of all we do, makes her the perfect candidate for the job”.

“I’m excited”, Natasha added, “because I am looking forward to heading up this very talented group of intelligent, hardworking and personable individuals. I am also pleased to call them my friends. Additionally, I look forward to learning more from Ben Ferguson, our new VP Operations, who just landed in Miami after being very involved in the LA and UK markets.

“I know that we can continue to rely on the capabilities of all of our project managers: keeping all of our jobs organised and within budget, while retaining the ability to communicate with our clients every step of the way,” Natasha Moya concluded.