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UAE Telecom Etisalat Taps Synamedia’s Infinite Platform for D2C Service (MESA)

The UAE’s largest telecom operator Etisalat has debuted a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) service, SwitchTV, and looked to Synamedia’s Infinite cloud TV platform — and the company’s end-to-end video network portfolio — to get it off the ground.

Using Synamedia’s private CDN, Etisalat’s SwitchTV is being made available to a large audience, the companies said, with the multi-screen service offering both free and premium live TV channels and VOD, with a selection of subscription packages and various rental models. Synamedia’s cloud DVR solution gives subscribers the ability to record programs in the cloud and watch on any device, and the Infinite platform also supports Etisalat’s multi-language requirements, with channels offering Arabic, Western and Asian content.

“The SwitchTV OTT service represents a step change for the residents of UAE,” said Synamedia CEO Yves Padrines. “Thanks to our comprehensive solution, Etisalat has a flexible offering that appeals to a broad range of audiences — from those looking for free programs, to those wanting premium live experiences or to rent movies. Users have started downloading the apps and feedback on the quality of experience and features is extremely positive.”

Additionally, Etisalat is deploying Synamedia’s end-to-end video network in order to reduce latency and minimise bandwidth requirements during the workflow process, from encoding through to the CDN and player.