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13th Annual MEA Awards Accepting Submissions

The 13th annual Media Excellence Awards (MEA) is now accepting submissions across two-dozen categories, including apps, VR and AR, streaming, AI, content and data.

The deadline for submissions is Sept. 15.

“The MEAs has 13 years of honoring innovation and leadership and we feel your voice deserves to be heard, which is why the MEAs are extending invitations to companies who submit for the13th Annual MEA’s this year to be our guest on our Mission Matters podcast to talk about all things innovation, technology & leadership,” said Sarah Miller, founder and chair of the MEAs. “All podcast interviews are now being aired on Spotify, Apple and iHeart among others.”

Previously focusing on mobile entertainment, the MEAs switched to a broader media focus to recognize innovations across M&E, from content creation to distribution platforms, covering video, games, music, technology, products, TV and more. “As we enter another great year of global innovation, ideation, creation and change, we also bring about more challenges, growth, disruption and new ground-breaking technologies that will make a difference and impact how the world engages,” Miller said.

Along with category-specific awards, the MEAs will feature three premiere awards:

Humanitarian Award: Given to a company that rose above the rest in their industry and effectively impacted their community through philanthropic and social campaigns or initiatives using technology.

Social Awareness Award: Awarded to a company that utilized a component of mobile technology to better a community, ecosystem or economic welfare

Industry Star Award: Given to a company that has defined groundbreaking and innovative technologies that have changed the way consumers interact with businesses to enhance their everyday lives.

To submit, click here.