Adobe Shares M&E Pandemic Adaptions in June 25 Webinar

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted every corner of media and entertainment, from production, to localization, to distribution. But perhaps no area of the industry has been hit harder than live events and sports, with concerts, festivals and sports canceled altogether.

On June 25, the team at Adobe will share ideas on how those who move first to re-enter the live arena will be able to capitalize on a global marketplace in which fans have been starved of live-action and emotional involvement for months on end, in the webinar “Changing the Game: How M&E Has Adapted During the Global Pandemic.”

With most live events canceled across the board in many countries, perhaps the sports ecosystem has been the hardest hit, with both team-specific fans and general sports enthusiasts having no outlets to enjoy, something that results in both physical and mental fulfillment.

Adobe sees what’s next as a clear “first-mover” situation, where those who not only manage to bring sports back to the masses can look forward to massive attention, but those who manage to innovate at the same time have an unprecedented opportunity to engage fans like never before.

The free, one-hour webinar, featuring TJ Iaciofano, head of growth strategy for iX.co, Michael Lishnevsky, senior director of growth, strategy and Consulting for iX.co, and Ehren Hozumi, VP of media, entertainment and sports of Adobe Experience Cloud, will examine how global brands have evolved to connect with remote consumers during COVID-19,, how live events can continue to inspire even without crowds, and how you can engage your audience in a competitive “attention economy.”

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