Whip Media Webinar: Let Data Drive Your Content-Platform Decisions

There’ more competition than ever before for viewers’ screen time, and in this increasingly crowded market, getting the user’s attention — and retention — when the audience has become so fragmented, finding and exploiting the right content for the right audience hasn’t been an easy task.

But today you can take the guesswork out of predicting the success of a title on any given platform. All it takes is making use of the data in hand.

That’s the message Carol Hanley, chief revenue and strategy officer for Whip Media Group, will share June 4 during the free, 11 a.m. PT webinar “Doing Digital Content Smarter: Data-Driven Predictions on What Content Will Work Well on a Given Platform.”

“With the proliferation of platforms, need to fill programming gaps and new realities of generational and niche audience viewing consumption, catalog and long-tail content is more critical than ever,” she said. “While original content is certainly important, the commercialization of long-standing, re-watchable libraries has yet to be optimized.”

Her presentation will go over all the variables need to make smart content decision, without relying on traditional viewership metrics (or just the blockbuster original content). Data based on real-time audience tastes and preferences — and integrated with your actual performance and licensing information — can provide all the predictive analytics you need to drive decisions around better matching content with audiences, increasing engagement, and upping revenue.

“With today’s high volume of titles, rights, platforms and pricing combinations, there’s no clear understanding of how the content that is available to you might perform on a specific platform or in a specific region,” Hanley said. “The applications and tools that you may be using are not sufficient to predict demand and identify hidden opportunities to exploit break-out TV shows and movie titles.

“I will be sharing progressive new methods and data sets necessary to optimize real-time business decision and predict content demand that will better engage and satisfy your customer base.”

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