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MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: June 1-5

MicroStrategy continues its “Virtual Symposium Series,” Caringo looks to the CIA to protect data (no, not that CIA), and Whip Media Group will host a webinar that shows how you can take the guesswork out of predicting the success of a title on any given platform. All it takes is making use of the data in hand.

Those are just a few of the online events members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will be holding the week of June 1-5, according to MESA’s global member e-calendar.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead:


• The latest “Technology Tuesday” entry from Sony will see the company discuss “4K SXRD Projectors: Product Intro, multi-projector configs and Applications for 4K Projection.”

• MicroStrategy’s “Virtual Symposium Series” continues with “Make Enterprise Apps Like Salesforce and Workday Hyper-Intelligent.”


• Caringo hosts the webinar “Using the CIA promise to protect data (… the other CIA).” That’s “Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility.”

• MicroStrategy’s “Virtual Symposium Series” continues with a pair of Thursday webinars: “How to Deploy Hyper-Intelligence in An Hour” and “MicroStrategy Dossier Tips and Tricks.”

• Whip Media Group takes center stage with the webinar “Doing Digital Content Smarter: Data-Driven Predictions on What Content Will Work Well on a Given Platform.”