Zendesk Webinar: Maintaining an Exceptional Viewer Experience in Times of Change

Shuttered productions, shortened release windows and an industry that’s gone almost completely to a work-from-home model. Media and entertainment has felt the impacts of the pandemic like every other type of business.

However, not everyone has been impacted in the same ways, and there are positives to be found as well. On May 19, from 11 a.m. to noon, software firm Zendesk will lay out media providers have adapted to keep up with changing consumer expectations in the free webinar “How COVID is Changing Customer Experience in the Entertainment Space.”

Volatile demand has amplified the need for a simple and consistent omni-channel customer experience, and there are ways for today’s remote workforce brought about by COVID-19 to provide consistent digital experiences that enable brands to stand out in the post-COVID media landscape.

“Attendees will learn how the industry has shifted in a post-COVID-19 world and the business adaptations needed to create an elevated consumer experience that keeps viewers happy and hooked in the binge culture it has created,” said Joe Jorczak, Zendesk’s head of media and entertainment go-to-market strategy, who will be presenting during the webinar.

“They’ll learn how COVID is changing customer experience in the entertainment space, practical advice on adjusting customer facing teams to a fully remote workforce, benefits of a simple and scalable, omni-channel customer support program, and how to become more efficient with less resources using self-service and automation,” he said.

Increased digital viewership due to the pandemic can allow media and entertainment companies to discover business insights and uncover content trends. And you can keep users engaged when streaming content by utilizing in-app messaging as well.

The webinar will see he Jorczak discuss the industry’s current CX landscape, and provide practical takeaways businesses can leverage to stay ahead of rapidly unfolding trends.

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