SAP, Futurum Report Examines ‘What’s Next for Content Streaming Services’

A new white paper from SAP and analyst firm Futurum asks the all-important question “‘What’s Next For Content Streaming Services?” At a time when millions of people have canceled cable TV and stopped their daily newspaper subscriptions, it makes sense to start thinking about what content streaming services will look like in the next several years.

After all, in just the last decade, streaming services have changed drastically. It used to be that just a handful of companies — such as Hulu, Netflix, Apple and Spotify — were the disruptors in the streaming space. Now there are numerous options for consumers to choose from when they want to stream TV, movies, music, games, audiobooks, and podcasts, with many networks and major companies focusing on building their own platforms and developing their own content as the next step in the process.

To download the SAP report, click here.

And for a deeper dive, listen to this podcast with Richard Whittington, Senior Vice President of Media and Entertainment at SAP, and Amos Biegun, Global Head of Rights & Royalties at Vistex.