Entertainment Partners Announces New Partnership With GRM Information Management (MESA)

Entertainment Partners has partnered with GRM Information Management to introduce the SmartHub Vault. SmartHub Vault is an extension of EP’s Scenechronize SmartHub, which manages and distributes documents created and used during the production of theatrical, television and commercial projects.

SmartHub Vault is a cloud-based ECM solution built to enhance cross-studio information management capabilities and provide long-term storage for production archives post-wrap. SmartHub Vault delivers a studio-wide view encompassing both production and corporate ECM needs.

The solution will allow studios to actively manage data and documents and have a single view across both the freelance production worker and corporate employee populations. SmartHub Vault will significantly reduce the hours that Production, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Business Affairs and Finance personnel have to spend on the highly time-consuming processes associated with preparation and defense of ever increasing audit activity.

SmartHub Vault also allows users to compile corporate data and documents in a secure permissions based environment, utilizing data encryption in transit and at rest with an intuitive interface and a complete suite of data extraction and workflow management software.

Mark Goldstein, CEO and President of EP, said, “Our exciting partnership development with GRM provides our studio clients with additional enterprise information management, compliance and governance capabilities by extending our industry-transforming production management solution, Scenechronize SmartHub.”

“We are thrilled to partner with EP and combine their ongoing transformation of the entertainment industry with our leading enterprise content services platform,” noted Yossi Harel, GRM’s Executive Vice President. “By leveraging our advanced ECM functionality with EP’s robust product suite, we will provide studio clients with next generation digital products and platforms.”

SmartHub Vault will be available by summer 2020 and will be fully integrated with Scenechronize SmartHub.