Mexico’s Megacable Looks to Technicolor for Country’s First DOCSIS 3.1 Services (MESA)

Mexican cable operator Megacable has tapped Technicolor Connected Home and its gateway devices to deliver that country’s first-ever DOCSIS 3.1 services, enabling gigabit-speed data transfers using existing cable television (CATV) infrastructure, Technicolor announced Jan. 23.

The cable access technology is intended to help meet growing demand for bandwidth-intensive offerings, with Technicolor Connected Home gateways bringing gigabit-and-up access speeds in and out of Mexican households, while also providing enhanced in-home wireless network performance.

“Megacable is once again demonstrating its market leadership in Mexico by meeting the rapidly growing demand for bandwidth as consumers bring more connected devices into their homes and sign up for new network-intensive services,” said Mercedes Pastor, president of the global Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) business unit for Technicolor Connected Home. “Technicolor has worked closely with the Megacable team to deliver the level of performance consumers in Mexico expect and deserve.”

Technicolor’s hardware help consumers experience better services with multiple devices in the home competing for wireless LAN resources and access to cloud services, with the latest security measures and protocols included.

“Megacable customers will be able to download data up to 1 gigabit per second. This will allow us to support emerging applications and services, such as next-generation gaming, video and other cloud-based offerings,” said Megacable CTO Miguel Sol. “We are already in the process of bringing the DOCSIS 3.1 gateways from Technicolor Connected Home to market.”

Gerardo Seifert, chief marketing officer for Megacable, added: “There has never been more traffic containing sensitive personal information flowing to and from households in Mexico. With the Technicolor Connected Home gateway, Megacable will be able to assure subscribers that their data is always being protected. This will provide peace of mind as consumers use the services they desire.”

Additionally, the ability of Technicolor Connected Home CPE to support RDK-B — a popular open-source standard for gateway software — allows devices and apps from multiple providers to interoperate, Pastor added.

“As a result, Megacable will be able to deliver new revenue-generating services to consumers, while providing value-added support with containers and life-cycle management. This will address the complexity of today’s growing array of offerings in a secure and cost-effective manner,” she said.