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Major Sports Leagues Look to RSG Media for Rights Management

Rights management media-tech firm RSG Media counts more than 2,000 companies that benefit from its platform. But for Michael Fitzsimmons, product manager of consumer products licensing for RSG, it’s the fact that the “big four” U.S. sports leagues — NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL — are all on board with the platform that really shows just what it’s capable of.

“The challenge for these leagues today is players are doing more and more in brand licensing, creating more royalties to track,” he said. “We’ve automated and streamlined that process. What used to take weeks now takes an hour.”

RSG now counts itself as the No. 1 rights platform in today’s $31 billion sports licensing market, an industry that will hit $48 billion by 2024, according to data from Zion Market Research. In all, RSG Media’s platform users are processing more than $2 billion a year using the platform.

In the past, brand licensing teams relied on non-specialized contract systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and even simple spreadsheets and email to track everything. That’s untenable today to manage all the contacts, sales and accounts that need to be kept up to date, Fitzsimmons said.

RSG Media’s platform is designed for enterprise-scale customers, managing thousands of licensees worldwide, across hundreds of product categories, and thousands of individual products. The platform offers quick and accurate visibility into their markets, offering detailed reporting and analytics. Finance and accounting divisions use RSG’s automated royalty calculations and processing to ensure quicker collections, while legal departments breathe easier thanks to the system reducing infringement possibilities and boosting compliance.

“As consumer product licensing becomes more important, the challenge becomes scalability,” he said. “We’ve found a way to grow with these businesses.”

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