Expert System Honored for Creating Advanced AI Solutions for Insurance Technology (HITS)

Expert System has been named the Solution Provider Winner of the 2019 Strategy Meets Action (SMA) Transformation in Action Award. The award highlight’s Expert System’s robust advanced portfolio of claims, underwriting and email management solutions, ensuring insurers generate measurable business value.

Rethinking, reimagining and reinventing the business of Insurance: In other words, putting transformation into action to drive innovation and new efficiencies in the InsurTech ecosystem. This is exactly the overall goal of SMA Awards. They recognize transformational technologies such as Expert System’s Cogito, AI-based Natural Language Understanding software, that helps Insurance companies extend automation to knowledge-intensive processes.

“We congratulate Expert System for winning this year’s SMA Transformation in Action Award!” said Mark Breading, SMA Partner. “Cogito AI solutions are addressing high value business uses cases across insurance. Expanding intelligent automation to error-prone, time-consuming tasks such as reading, understanding and analyzing unstructured information enables insurers to improve efficiencies, while shifting the focus to customer satisfaction and other higher value areas.”

“Today the most impactful way to transform the insurance sector to improve efficiencies and economics is to take advantage of the 80% of data that is unstructured,” said Michael Watt, North America VP of Insurance at Expert System. “The adoption of Artificial Intelligence with its capability to understand accurately the content of complex documents, is strategic and the critical factor to accelerate intelligent automation, enhance customer experience and simplify decision-making.”

“We’ve built a powerful set of products to augment insurer’s capabilities to transform unstructured data into valuable information and actions,” explained Pamela Negosanti, Global VP of Insurance at Expert System. “We are pleased that we have been recognized by SMA thanks to our AI ‘transformation into action’ capabilities that can effectively automate even the most strategic knowledge-based processes.”