Sohonet, RStor Partner to Offer Cloud Storage That Mitigates the Impact of Data Gravity on Production Workflows (SCN)

Sohonet has introduced Filestore+, a new low-cost alternative for DR, short-term project parking and “cloud-first” workflows. FileStore+, powered by RStor will allow customers to utilize Sohonet’s FastLane direct connect services to take advantage of RStor’s global storage fabric, with high-speed replication for multi-region resiliency that is 80% cheaper than today’s market-leading options — an exciting alternative to existing storage options.

Filestore+ not only provides guaranteed connectivity direct to storage locations at lightning speeds but can be burst up and down on-demand to best match customers’ current workloads. Additionally, rapid, inter-region replication combined with zero egress fees provides new “cloud-first” workflow opportunities.

“We believe this cost-effective option will solve a critical problem facing our customers by bringing together resilient, secure high-performance storage from RStor, enabling multi-cloud workflows to change the way productions manage the impact of data gravity in their workflows,” said Sohonet CEO Chuck Parker. “That – in combination with FastLane’s unparalleled, private superhighway to the cloud – gives customers a powerful solution at an affordable price.”

“The addition of RStor technology eliminates cloud vendor lock-in, enables cloud native workflow, delivers robust security for complex projects and is cheaper better faster than alternatives,” said RStor CEO Gio Coglitore. “We know customers choose solutions from Sohonet because of the trusted history, domain expertise and support capabilities and we’re proud to be a partner.”