Adobe Debuts ‘Speed’ Feature for Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush, Adobe’s all-in-one video editing software for online video creators, is getting a new feature today: Speed, a much-requested addition from users that allows Premiere Rush owners to manipulate the speed of footage while still maintaining control over audio pitch, ramp speed, and the duration of the edited clip.

“Results that might be jarring are made seamless and smooth through the various options within the speed feature,” Adobe said in a news release. “This tool is intuitive yet powerful, yielding professional-looking results quickly and with ease.”

The new speed panel promises a friendly interface that allows for both first-time video creators and long-time pros to edit on the go, with a percentage value display showing slow motion (below 100%) and fast motion (above 100%). Users can enter a specific percentage value instead.

The offering also allows users to adjust the speed within a specific section of a clip, progressively speed up or slow down in or out of range (which enables ramping), in order to smooth out speed changes.

“For precise control, you can manually set a clip’s duration. After setting the duration, Rush will do the math and adjust your clip speed to the appropriate value. This is especially useful for time lapses,” Adobe said. “The new speed panel offers quite a bit of creative control, and as with everything in Rush, your speed adjustments will transfer seamlessly when opening your Rush project in Premiere Pro.”