Wasabi Nabs Render Services Deal With Scalar Studio

Cloud storage firm Wasabi has announced a reseller partnership with Toronto-based IT solutions provider Scaler, a deal that will see Wasabi’s storage solution integrated into Scalar’s StudioCloud managed infrastructure service, an offering geared toward media and entertainment.

StudioCloud, a private cloud-based server farm, is purposely-built for animation and visual effects rendering. By adding Wasabi, StudioCloud users gain on-demand access to the company’s high-performance storage solution, in order to stage and render projects and archive them.

”Wasabi hot cloud storage is a natural complement to StudioCloud in terms of performance, pricing and scalability,” said Wasabi CEO David Friend. “Together, we enable studios to create the most visually stunning entertainment by using state of the art storage and compute resources without capital expenditure and eliminate the ongoing costs of equipment maintenance, management and upgrade.

“This partnership provides studios with the competitive edge to manage costs and focus their creative and financial resources on making the next great content instead of worrying about prohibitive storage costs.”

StudioCloud features more than 100,000 render cores and six data centers across North America, and promises secure, scalable compute services for studios, while Wasabi’s storage hub for hybrid and multi-cloud media workflows offers a single tier of ultra-high performance storage with no charges for data egress or API calls.

“Scalar’s animation & VFX clients face the ongoing challenge of staggering data growth on their complex render projects,” said Paul Kerr, CEO of Scalar. “Now we can help studios access Wasabi’s high-performance and cost-effective storage tier for nearline and archive data workloads. With the pairing of Wasabi and the capability for collaboration over vast geographical areas, we see the vision for StudioCloud users to embrace a global production pipeline as a reality made possible today.”