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TiVo Scores IPTV Win With Midco

TiVo July 29 announced cable provider Midco has tapped its Next-Gen Platform to transition to IPTV by deploying TiVo’s IPTV suite of solutions, covering IPVOD, IP Linear, Restart, Catch-Up and Network DVR.

The cloud-based solution will enable Midco to deliver movies, TV shows and other videos to customers everywhere service is available, and in 2020, Midco will deploy TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform on managed Android TV set-top-boxes and mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

Midco operates in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Kansas.

“We are extremely pleased that Midco has chosen TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market and deliver the very best entertainment discovery experience,” said Jeffrey Glahn, VP of sales in North America for TiVo. “TiVo’s advanced platform gives operators a flexible migration path to IPTV, allowing them to continuously innovate and easily introduce must-have features to its customers.”

Midco’s customers currently have TiVo Experience 4 on their existing set-top boxes, which features a ultra-modern user interface with intuitive navigation, personalized viewing recommendations, universal discovery, and voice control. TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform will help Midco enhance customer engagement, the companies said.

“With TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform, we are able to easily and rapidly deploy superior entertainment experiences that meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Jon Pederson, CTO of Midco. “Our business is built on innovation, and TiVo’s industry-leading solutions enable us to deliver a simple, smart, and elegant customer experience, while leapfrogging our competitors.”