Adobe Brings AI-Powered Technology Previews to Adobe Experience Cloud

In a bid to accelerate customer experience management for enterprises, Adobe has announced Technology Previews, which gives brands the ability to leverage exploratory technology powered by the company’s AI and machine learning service Adobe Sensei.

The offering — first available via Adobe Analytics — will help organizations better personalize the end-to-end customer experience, offering real-time analytics, the company said. Users will be able to share feedback with Adobe product teams, allowing them to make real-time adjustments before products are launched, either in beta or widely.

“As a pioneer and long-time leader in marketing analytics, Adobe Analytics is well-positioned to continue to aggressively innovate on behalf of brands that rely upon us day in and day out,” said Jeff Allen, senior director of product marketing for Adobe Analytics. “Technology Previews will help us continue to move brands to higher levels of maturity with analytics—going beyond simple vanity metrics — tapping into deep data insights to refine every part of the experiences they craft for their customers.”

Technology Previews includes the following Adobe Sensei-powered prototypes:

• “Reimagining the Customer Journey with AI,” which aims to help brands today find hidden insights and address data anomalies.

• “Tapping into Machine Learning to Identify the Ideal Audience,” which promises to deliver first-of-its-kind audience segmentations, with customers automatically clustered into groups based on expected preferences and behaviors.

• “Staying One Step Ahead of the Customer with Intelligent Forecasting,” which, using deep learning capabilities, accelerates a brand’s ability to predict a customer’s next actions, by analyzing billions of historical and real-time data points.