Rights Maturity Model: How Ready are You to Monetize?

By Ed Klaris, Founder and CEO, KlarisIP

The media and entertainment landscape is evolving faster than ever. An agile and efficient IP supply chain is mission critical. What do I own? What have I licensed? How can I use it? Has it been successful? Have I been pricing optimally? Can I report efficiently and automatically? Is my information accurate?

KlarisIP has developed this Rights and Finance Capability Maturity Model to help companies assess their intellectual property rights programs and systems.

Using this model, a company can chart a course toward a holistically integrated vision for the enterprise.

Current needs and future business goals will be a part of this new path.

The model uses seven categories and 30 dimensions to define the rights management and finance ecosystem:

• Rights Management: Organizing, maintaining, and researching rights information
• Rights Contract Management: Organizing and maintaining the legal agreements that relate to IP
• IP Management: Concepts and vocabularies used to describe Intellectual Property rights consumed, acquired, licensed or sold
• Partner Information Management: Organizing and maintaining information regarding individuals or organizations that are related to the IP
• Clearance Management: Validating usage and exploitation of rights related to the intellectual property
• Rights Related Finance and Accounting: Recording, tracking, and fulfilling monetary obligations associated with the IP
• Reporting and Business Intelligence: Aggregating and summarizing all the aspects that are associated with the rights and IP lifecycle.

The KlarisIP Rights & Finance Capability Maturity Model can be found here today.

In 2015, Ed Klaris founded KlarisIP, a law and strategy firm, focused on copyright, trademark, media and technology law, as well as rights and royalty management advisory services. Prior to 2015, he spent nearly 20 years in the media and entertainment sector.