EIDR Adds American Film Institute

The American Film Institute (AFI), the nonprofit educational arts organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of motion pictures, has joined the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), and will register all film titles with EIDR’s unique IDs to enable universal identification and tracking.

AFI is considered one of the world’s lead authorities of film, and was established to preserve the heritage of the motion picture, in order to honor artists and their work, and educate the next generation of storytellers. By enabling EIDR’s identifiers, AFI will make it possible for films in its AFI Archive and the AFI Catalog of Feature Films to be identified across all platforms, enabling precise matching of titles across third-party datasets.

“The use of EIDR’s unique content IDs on the AFI Catalog will help ensure that we can readily and efficiently identify distribution of our content across all platforms globally,” said Sarah Clothier, manager of the AFI Catalog. “The ability to match our content as it moves across the myriad of ways it is being consumed is the underpinning to our ability to ensure proper tracking and digitization of our database.”

Will Kreth, executive director of EIDR, added: “As the definitive database for historians, researchers and movie fans, the American Film Institute has the needs to ensure that they can identify and track how and where their films are being accessed. EIDR identifiers will provide them with a more reliable, automated way to do so and make it possible to match their content automatically on other logs and datasets.”