EY Launches Tech-Driven Wavespace Center

Ernst & Young (EY) has launched a new, immersive innovation experience in Atlanta, one geared toward helping companies transform their digital businesses, via design-based thinking, technology intelligence and deep business expertise.

Dubbed Wavespace, the center’s purpose is to help companies both identify and address challenges between them and digital business growth. The center is part of a network of global growth and innovation centers set up to help companies navigate specific disruptive growth strategies and technologies impacting numerous industries.

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), drones, data analytics, customer experience, cybersecurity and digital are all highlighted at the centers.

“With the opening of the Wavespace center in Atlanta, EY continues to expand its culture of innovation to the companies we serve,” said Glenn Mitchell, EY managing partner in Atlanta. “The EY Wavespace network provides a global reach with customized experiences designed to address the specific needs of an organization. Companies access the latest technology and tap into EY innovative thinking to challenge existing business models and co-develop new ones, explore new capabilities and increase their competitiveness by driving forward-thinking changes in their businesses and industries.”

Margaret Allgood, EY Wavespace leader in Atlanta, added: “Companies engage in a facilitated experience with a team of EY professionals that combines design-based thinking, business technology acumen and the deep business expertise of EY to help them to identify and navigate the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. The experience helps companies to develop a strategic road map for their organizations to address current state and plan for future growth.”

The 3,560-square-foot facility will host both one-day immersion workshops and long-term projects, and will the source of pop-up centers brought to clients’ locations. It’s the 20th Wavespace center launched by EY. For more information, visit ey.com/wavespace.