Bitmax Inks Multi-Year Deal with Gravitas Ventures for Digital Content Management, Retail Partner Integration (MESA)

Bitmax, the digital media management and licensing company, today announced a multi-year deal to handle broad digital media processing services for worldwide film distributor Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company. Under the expanded terms, Bitmax will centralize storage of the complete Gravitas catalog within its BAM 2.0 (Bitmax Asset Management) system.

BAM 2.0 enables automated upload of content and metadata from global filmmakers, and sets in motion workflows that match the egress requirements for downstream digital retailers, cable partners and OTT platforms. The BAM 2.0 system, links each title to a collection of asset package elements, which can be configured for a variety of business models to satisfy any territory or distribution partner requirements. Additionally, the system supports real time royalty reporting data from digital distribution partners.

The multiyear deal represents an end-to-end solution in support of Gravitas’ expanding business, which now includes OTT platforms, across multiple business lines, including TVOD, SVOD and Ad supported VOD and virtual networks. Gravitas also gains access to the BAM Dashboard, which allows Gravitas to place orders, create clips, capture stills and enhanced artwork, and ultimately self-provision content and related files.

“By working closely with the Gravitas team, we were able to design and deploy an enhanced service solution that met their precise needs as they grow their business,” said Jim Riley, Bitmax CRO. “Our proven solution featuring robust automation and monitoring systems allows Gravitas to quickly ramp across platforms, territories and business models.”

“Gravitas jumped in early to support OTT for SVOD and Ad supported TV & VOD; and as those distribution deals have grown in complexity and scope, we turned to Bitmax for processing and automation to help us monetize every opportunity for our films,” said Michael Murphy, President of Gravitas Ventures. “Bitmax devised a comprehensive operations-based solution that allows us to focus more on sales and marketing with our filmmakers and content partners.”