MicroStrategy Unleashes Next Wave of Enterprise Intelligence at MicroStrategy World 2019 (MESA)

MicroStrategy today showcased a series of platform innovations in front of thousands of product experts, thought leaders, and data enthusiasts at MicroStrategy World 2019, its 22nd annual analytics and mobility conference, being held at the Phoenix Convention Center. At MicroStrategy World 2019, MicroStrategy will feature MicroStrategy 2019, the enterprise platform for Federated Analytics, Transformational Mobility, and HyperIntelligence, designed to help make every enterprise a more Intelligent Enterprise™. MicroStrategy’s new platform, robust partner network, and services offerings are aimed at increasing the adoption of analytics.

With over 160 sessions and 60 customer speakers, the three-day conference will showcase numerous new products and live demonstrations on how analytics and mobility can transform the way people use information to drive business results.

“Digital transformation is happening at light speed. It’s vital for eachorganization trying to become an Intelligent Enterprise to have a game plan and the requisite technology foundation to compete and lead,” said Marge Breya, Senior Executive Vice President and CMO, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

“Our MicroStrategy World 2019 attendees include companies we believe are some of the biggest trailblazers in the world. Conference attendees will get an up-close look at next-generation enterprise analytics and mobility innovations and hear from a power-packed line-up of industry leaders who are on the vanguard of analytics, mobility, AI, NLG, Internet of Things, and machine learning.”
Become an Intelligent Enterprise with MicroStrategy 2019

Online and in-session conference attendees will get a close look at MicroStrategy 2019, a new platform designed to overhaul the end user experience with innovative features to drive the adoption of analytics by a broad range of users across the enterprise. MicroStrategy 2019, which can be deployed on-premises or on multiple private and public cloud platforms, is designed to make every enterprise a more Intelligent Enterprise with:

Federated Analytics. This mainstream category of analytics is targeted at analysts and data scientists, who enable long-term decision making. Whether it’s with dossiers, dashboards, or predictive models, or reporting for project performance, financial statements, or billing, MicroStrategy 2019 is designed to empower users with trusted analytics. Analysts who access data using Excel, Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau and data scientists who leverage RStudio or Jupyter Notebook can boost their productivity by using the MicroStrategy 2019 platform for trusted, scalable, federated analytics.

Transformational Mobility. This category of analytical applications is targeted at the increasingly mobile workforce and delivers more ways for organizations to quickly deploy mobile productivity apps for a variety of business functions and roles. Users can build apps using mobile dossiers, no code drag-and-drop, and customized development using XCode or JavaScript.

HyperIntelligence. This new category of analytics is designed to transform the way people interact with information and find answers by seamlessly delivering intelligence through zero-click experiences. With the HyperCard™ application, users with Google Chrome can hover over highlighted words on websites and other browser-based applications to instantly bring up relevant, contextual insights. With HyperIntelligence, users can also leverage APIs to design and deploy AI applications that deliver zero-click experiences via voice assistants, image recognition software, and GPS applications.

At the core of MicroStrategy 2019 is its Enterprise Semantic Graph™. This proprietary metadata foundation delivers a robust business glossary and index for a vast range of corporate information, making it a powerful method to consolidate disparate sources of data and deliver a single version of truth.

MicroStrategy World Datathon Kicks Off Conference

The MicroStrategy Datathon, which kicked off yesterday, is challenging its participants to create innovative analytics applications using MicroStrategy 2019 with aggregated data from CharityBase, a free, open source charity data portal with public information on the activities, locations, and finances of thousands of charities registered in England and Wales. All teams will present their solutions in the exhibit hall tomorrow, February 6. Conference attendees will be able to vote for the People’s Choice award via the MicroStrategy World mobile app, while a panel of judges – including Constellation Research Vice President and Principal Analyst Doug Henschen, Snowflake Computing Senior Solution Architect Carlos Bouloy, and MicroStrategy Senior Executive Vice President and CTO Tim Lang – will select the $10,000 Grand Prize winner and the Lone Wolf award winner.