Cognizant CEO D’Souza Named Chair of World Economic Forum’s IT Community

Cognizant VP and CEO Francisco D’Souza has been named chairman of the World Economic Forum’s IT and Electronics Governors community, a group of business leaders with the mission of ensuring long-term sustainability of their industry.

The World Economic Forum itself is an independent international organization for public-private cooperation, with the stated objective of improving the world. D’Souza in 2019 will use his new position to address the industry’s challenge of consumer trust — especially regarding data — along with shepherding new technologies and markets of industry firms, including AI.

“I’m honored to be leading this community and again participating in a World Economic Forum annual meeting, which highlights our industry’s efforts to demonstrate responsible and responsive corporate leadership,” D’Souza said. “I look forward to working with my peers to identify our agenda and advance key industry initiatives in 2019. The IT and Electronics Governors community is an effective platform to help our industry address some of the challenges that arise as technology becomes ever more central to business and daily life.”

Eric White, head of IT and electronics for the World Economic Forum, added: “The IT and Electronics Governors community is at the forefront of many developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as new technologies are changing the way we work, communicate, do business, acquire skills and make decisions as a society. We are pleased that Francisco D’Souza is demonstrating the leadership necessary to work with world leaders to grow the social and economic opportunities offered by the digital economy.”

The World Economic Forum annual meeting in Switzerland, running Jan. 22-25, brings together representatives from more than 100 governments, and top executives from more than 1,000 global companies.