CES 2019: Sharp Goes Big on 8K (MESA)

LAS VEGAS — To close out the 2019 CES, Sharp showcased an 8K monitor, one compatible with both 4K broadcasts and 8K transmissions, first launched in Japan in December.

“In Japan, Sharp’s vision of people-oriented IoT is already exemplified by over 150 products in 10 categories, including kitchen, pet care and audiovisual solutions,” Bob Ishida, EVP and head of AIoT Business Strategy .”And we plan to roll out such items to other markets according to local needs, lifestyles, and culture.”

Along with various other home appliances, Sharp showed off its recently acquired Dynabook brand of notebook computers: “Combining the Dynabook brand with our AIoT and 8K solutions, we will explore new possibilities for computers to offer innovative experiences to both business users and individual consumers around the world.”

Also at CES:

• The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that it will invest $10 million in venture firms and funds focused on women and people of color among startups and entrepreneurs.

“To continue to evolve and grow, the tech industry needs more equal access to venture funding,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CTA. “Various research reports indicate diverse teams make better decisions and achieve greater profits. At CTA, this is one more tool we are deploying to help promote diversity in the technology industry.”

“The U.S. needs to invest in a diverse talent pool to capture great ideas and innovation and help birth more ‘unicorn’ companies,” said Tiffany Moore, SVP of political and industry affairs for CTA. “CTA is committed to this investment and will work with established funds and fund managers who focus on women, people of color and other underrepresented groups.”