Winter M&E Journal Digital Edition Goes Live

The digital version of the winter edition of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance’s “M&E Journal,” featuring more than 40 original M&E thought pieces from executives ranging from Ad-ID to ZOO Digital, is now live.

Along with columns from MESA’s leadership, the issue features several industry pieces centered around the issue’s main theme, monetization, along with sections with articles identifying the latest trends in workflows, smart content, cloud and storage, and security solutions.

Among the highlights in this issue that deal with the Hollywood IT Society space:

• “Improving Transparency and Speed in the Content Supply Chain,” a look at how successful localization providers have the skills and resources to create customized solutions, by SDI Media’s Nicky McBride.

• “Embracing Open-Source Through Automation,” by Entertainment Partners’ Patrick Baca, which tackles how open-source can frequently be instrumental in providing solutions that are innovative and cost-effective.

• “How the Cloud is Unlocking a World of OTT Content,” with ZOO Digital’s Tony Ferkranus sharing how cloud dubbing assists localization and monetization of content libraries in emerging territories.

• “Best Practices in SaaS and Cloud for the M&E Industry,” which examines how services companies may be the focus of long-term partnerships, by Signiant’s Jon Finegold.

Over the coming weeks and months, MESA will be spotlighting each of the article published in the “M&E Journal” with republication in its newsletters and via MESAlliance.org.