Teradici, Avid Collaborate on Video Editing for Multicloud Environments

A new joint solution combining Avid Media Composer and Teradici Cloud Access Software aims to deliver a new, secure video editing service, usable from any private, public or hybrid cloud, the companies announced Dec. 18.

The cloud video editing solution will be geared toward professional editors, movie makers, and multimedia journalists, and promises both low latency and full color accuracy.

“With our PCoIP-powered Cloud Access Software available with Media Composer, the loyal Avid user base now has the ability to utilize the cloud’s full potential during the creation process,” said David Smith, CEO of Teradici. “We are committed to empowering more film and editorial professionals by offering our leading remote visualization technology through valued partners. This new solution enables creative professionals to run their workflows in the cloud enabling effective content creation, collaboration and delivery without the security risks, inefficiencies and compliance challenges of locally managed assets.”

The collaboration has Cloud Access Software enabling remote access to Avid Media Composer, from any public cloud — including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure — or a private data center, or hybrid environment. Avid will also join Teradici’s partner ecosystem to offer Teradici Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus subscriptions to Avid Media Composer customers.

“Top editors in the film, television, and broadcast industry rely on Media Composer to help them deliver compelling content regardless of where they are. Avid is continuously expanding Media Composer’s features and offerings to enable editing to happen from anywhere,” said Raymond Thompson, director of broadcast and media solutions for Avid Technology. “Partnering with Teradici to include Cloud Access Software in our offering will enable Media Composer customers to work remotely and securely using Teradici high-performance PCoIP technology, whether from an on-premises data center, in a public cloud, or in a hybrid environment.”

Starting Dec. 18, Avid users can purchase Cloud Access Software for Media Composer via Teradici Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus subscription plans that are available through Avid and Avid resellers.