Wasabi Extends Research, Education Reach (SCN)

Wasabi’s recent selection by Internet2 comes as a result of the company’s expanding presence in the education space as the need for low cost, high performance data storage becomes critical to their day-to-day research initiatives. Wasabi’s hot cloud storage service enables universities and research institutions to easily connect via the Internet2 high speed Cloud Exchange to Wasabi and will be able to store their data at one-fifth the cost and 6x the speed of Amazon S3 with no additional egress fees.

Internet2 facilitates the collaborative effort of U.S. higher education institutions to design and provide selected mission-critical services required to advance all aspects of their academic and service missions. In being part of Internet2, Wasabi joins a portfolio of cloud and trust solutions tailored for research and education’s diverse community of users on an advanced network designed for abundant bandwidth, zero congestion, capacity for innovation, and peered to global research and education networks reaching over 100 countries.

By leveraging Internet2’s cyber infrastructure capabilities, Wasabi will work with institutions to maximize deployment efficiencies while minimizing the costs associated with storing data and migrating from on-premises to cloud-based solutions. Wasabi will showcase its hot cloud storage service at the Internet2 Technology Exchange on October 15-18 in Orlando, Florida.

“As more research and education institutions move to cloud-based platforms, Wasabi has gained a strong level of interest from our many members based on their compelling price and performance offering for their cloud storage service,” said George Loftus, Associate Vice President, Network Services at Internet2. “We are excited to have Wasabi join as an Industry Member of Internet2 in conjunction with their addition to the Internet2 Cloud Exchange, and look forward to providing our community this new offering while pursuing future offerings with the Wasabi team.”

“Wasabi provides a compelling storage service solution for research and education institutions, that allows for a simple, cost-effective and high-performance cloud platform for all their data storage requirements,” said Michael Welts, Chief Marketing Officer for Wasabi. “Being part of the Internet2 community and ecosystem makes it easier for universities, colleges and research institutions to adopt Wasabi in an effort to optimize their valuable data assets through a high-performance cloud storage solution that is ideal for collaboration and improved productivity.”