HITS Fall: LiveTiles Shares Intelligent Workplace Ideas

If you’re going to bring artificial intelligence into your business — in order to make it a more intelligent workplace — you need to ask yourself a few simple questions, according to Daniel Goss, VP of innovation and experience for LiveTiles.

“How it can bring productivity to your workforce, and your customers? Does it simplify the chaos? How do we deliver the content out to the right people?” he said, speaking during a breakout presentation Oct. 4 at the Hollywood Innovation & Technology Summit (HITS) Fall event.

Goss in his presentation — “The Value of an Intelligent Workplace Powered by AI” — shared ideas on how media and entertainment companies can stay ahead of competitors by making their workplace smarter, using AI tools like chatbots to “change the way you work internally, [and] allow for more competitive ways to work externally.”

“AI is such a broad word,” he added, and while AI and automation may have an impact on some jobs, LiveTiles “sees it in a much more complimentary fashion,” Goss said.

Overall, the idea of an intelligent workplace platform should rely not on developers, but IT instead, Goss stressed, with the platform being made to understand that organizations, departments and employees all have different needs, and can’t be treated the same way. The main parts of any intelligent workplace include the right user interface (one that delivers content and data together smartly); proper profiling of users; insights into how your solution is being used, in order to make data-driven decisions; and, perhaps one of the more important needs, bots, and the ability to create relevant and discrete bots across your enterprise.

“Chatbots could be just a fad, but we don’t think so. We think they’re here to stay,” Goss told attendees, pointing to data from Gartner that predicts 40% of enterprises will be actively using chatbots in natural-language interactions next year, and that by 2020, the average person will be having more conversations with bots than with their spouse.

Goss said that in the very near future, conversing with a bot will feel just like chatting with a real person, and how media and entertainment companies can provide a “cognitive layer” over information, one that can be made either proactive or reactive, depending on the needs of an organization.

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Click here to download audio of the presentation. Click here to download the LiveTiles slide deck.