M&E Journal: Deriving Insight from Data: How to Keep Your Media Workflow Ahead of the Curve

By Matthew Eaton, GM EMEA, GrayMeta

In the era of data overload, industries across the board are eagerly seeking solutions to solve business challenges and meet data analysis needs. The M&E industry is in an especially unique situation. With the “deterioration of traditional business models, the proliferation of new distribution channels, and questions about what sorts of new content they should expend resources producing – and how to best match that content with an increasingly fragmented customer base,” according to Deloitte Insights, content owners are turning to innovative, data-driven solutions to respond to their constantly-changing environment.

While consumption data has and will always play a major part in those solutions, today’s rapid rate of content production as well as the demand for highly-personalized experiences calls for another set of data – content data.

By having robust data around assets and what they contain, content owners are empowered not only with a clear understanding of what they have to offer, but also with the insight of how to optimize it within the supply chain. Using content data, M&E businesses can lower operational costs through automation and stay one step ahead of demand.

To deliver this valuable insight, GrayMeta is partnering with major M&E players to identify gaps in content workflows and processes where content with enriched metadata can provide downstream teams with valuable and actionable data.

The Los Angeles-based team, through a deep understanding of the media supply chain as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, leads with the goal of providing a competitive advantage through automation and harvesting valuable content metadata. While each content owner has unique requirements, enriched data has been proven to provide the most value to teams looking to automate processes and monetize content.

For organizations with large, distributed archives, quickly locating assets can be difficult. When this challenge is coupled with the urgency of responding to trending topics or the potential cost of reshooting — the importance of finding assets grows. The GrayMeta Platform helps by connecting to the archives and data stores, it then extracts the assets’ technical metadata to identify duplicates and create an index.

Using AI and machine learning, the platform can provide a forensic search of the contents of each asset to surface valuable insights. And finally, with the newly available and organized data, content creators and marketers alike can easily find and utilize assets regardless of their location — allowing them to focus on producing the most effective content for their audiences.

AI for compliance and discoverability

Compliance, another major step in the content workflow, is a key factor of successful distribution. Whether its Ofcom, In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) or other regulations — a significant amount of time and resources are needed to ensure assets are compliant. By leveraging AI and machine learning to automatically detect things like nudity, crude language and violence in an image or video, content owners are equipped with insightful data of what’s in their content much faster than before. This makes compliance, and distribution in general, easier and more efficient.

After content has been presented to the consumer, the ability to make accurate recommendations and allow advanced search becomes an important differentiator for content providers. Rather than recommending or searching for content based on title metadata alone, enriched metadata that includes information about the characters, emotions, adult content, language and places in an asset can provide an understanding of how to improve discoverability, ultimately delighting the consumer and increasing engagement.

Forward-thinking M&E leaders working with GrayMeta on use cases like these are ahead of the curve by leveraging a rapidly advancing technology.

As a result, they’re enabled by robust data, giving them a clear understanding of their assets and how to optimize them. Today GrayMeta continues to work with its customers and partners on developing new use cases that leverage content data to automate repetitive tasks, help businesses make better decisions, and improve the consumer experience.


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