Smart Consumer Experience Strategies Driving Service Provider CPE Requirements

By Mercedes Pastor, President of Global Customer Premises Equipment, Technicolor Connected Home

As consumers seek new ways to access media and entertainment experiences, network service providers must manage a new array of options available to subscribers of video services, while capitalizing on demand for ultra-fast broadband.

Experts in the industry are predicting that new broadband access technologies — such as DOCSIS 3.1, Fiber to the Home (FTTH), WiFi mesh networks and G.fast — are set to explode to deliver the performance necessary for meeting growing consumer expectations.

These new technologies are facilitating the delivery of high definition video content — which has become a standard requirement in many markets. It also enables new services in which preventing and/or reducing latency is very important — such as those based on Internet of things (IoT) as well as virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Deployment for DOCSIS 3.1 is already progressing rapidly across the U.S. market, creating new opportunities for operators to redefine how they work with their key technology providers. For instance, in the American market, which is leading the transition to DOCSIS 3.1, Technicolor is working very closely with service providers to customize products and refine the requirements that these new technologies must address.

Beyond broadband access optimization, we at Technicolor are engaging with network service providers to develop new managed Wi-Fi capabilities that improve the coverage and performance of these new services.

We are already developing and deploying new technologies that optimize 802.11ax Wi-Fi, even as we work on the new frontiers that are emerging around 5G wireless technology. We are exploring the key integration issues that must be addressed to provide a seamless experience to consumers and allow network service providers to offer more robust services.

The Smartification of the Connected Home

Enabling consumer access to a wide range of connected home applications requires intelligence as well as faster speeds. This is leading to a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly known as “the smartification of the connected home.”

The next generation of customer premises equipment must become a hub of intelligence that is able to deliver a growing array of new features and capabilities that can be monetized by operators in an on-demand manner.

In so doing, major opportunities are created to redefine the nature of home security, in-home health services, and other offerings that leverage the same infrastructure used to deliver video and other entertainment experiences. As the industry explores its options, Technicolor is working with network service providers to develop and deliver CPE solutions that support a new generation of immersive and intelligent consumer experiences in a cost-effective manner.

EDITORS NOTE: To listen to a comprehensive interview with Mercedes Pastor on this issue, click here.