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Live at NAB Show: Anti-Piracy Tools, New Workflows Featured on the Show Floor

LAS VEGAS — The NAB Show saw no shortage of new workflow solutions, software-as-a-service technologies, and anti-piracy news from members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance.

Here’s a look at what SHIFT, RSG Media Systems, Teradici, Sohonet, IYUNO Media Group and Irdeto had to share at the show.


Kai Pradel, CEO of SHIFT — the new software-as-a-service brand name resulting from the merger of video sharing tech company MediaSilo and file-sharing platform firm Wiredrive — was more than excited to show off the latest with his company’s video collaboration solutions, which streamlines the process of sharing and securing creative assets, and makes tools available tools that can be used across agencies, brands and post-production.

Covering four flagship products, the new SHIFT incorporates MediaSilo, the set of tools for secure video collaboration and pre-release content delivery to the post-production market; Wiredrive, used by agencies and creative professionals to review, curate and share content; SafeStream, an on-demand and real-time forensic watermarking service; and Screeners.com, a secure destination for the previewing of pre-release content.

“This accommodates all the previous workflows found in the separate products, has a clean interface, and uploading content has gotten much, much easier,” Pradel said.

RSG Media Systems

RSG Media showcased the latest tech innovations from its side for increasing revenues and profit margins through rights management, audience insights and ad revenue systems.

“We’re bringing together lots of data sources to allow clients to measure performance on every platform, everywhere, with dynamic, live reporting,” said company VP Dan Cox.

“With predictive analytics, not only are you able to get a handle on building the history of content usage, if you can predict the future, you’re scheduling can bring in additional eyeballs.”

RSG Media shared the latest with its RightsLogic enterprise rights management system, which has advanced scheduling and finance features, including a next-gen avails tool that accelerates how businesses find and exploit rights in their catalog. And the company’s Media Mantra platform, which helps clients instantly adopt AI to improve performance, was also featured.


Teradici showcased its PCoIP technology and how it powers the company’s Cloud Access Software, a remoting solution that allows users to deliver graphics-intensive applications from the public cloud or private data center, without losing either image quality or color accuracy.

Mirela Cunjalo said that media and entertainment companies are benefiting from using the using the cloud for storage and rendering with workstations, with post-production firms able to work faster and securely and scale and de-scale rapidly when projects come in.

Cloud Access Software launched on the AWS Marketplace in February, allowing enterprise customers to access graphics-intensive Windows and Linux applications from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud Access is also on Azure and Google Cloud.


For Sohonet, the NAB Show this year was a special one, according to Ken Rudman, chief marketing officer for the company. “It’s out first time on the show floor,” he said. “In years past it was just about messaging and connecting with clients. Now that we have the products we have, we decided to get out there in front of the people who we didn’t know.”

And the result? “It’s been a fantastic leads bonanza,” he said.

On the show floor Sohonet showcased the newest release of its real-time remote collaboration solution, ClearView Flex, the company’s on-the-go, real-time remote collaboration solution, along with its accelerated file-transfer tool FileRunner, which allows unlimited transfer of files of any size.

IYUNO Media Group

Localization services provider IYUNO Media Group came into the NAB Show with the news that it had received a $23.5 million investment from SoftBank Ventures, but also to show off the latest with its iMediaTrans cloud subtitling platform — which hosts video on an accelerated CDN network — and Caption Cast — a closed caption and subtitle encoder that offers zero transmission errors utilizing digital fingerprint content recognition technology.

“We’ve grown a lot with the explosion of OTT companies, and there’s really no software out there in the subtitling and captioning space that offers what we offer,” said David Lee, IYUNO’s CEO.

Aaron Henry, head of business development for the Asia-Pacific region, said that clients and fellow vendors both are finding use of the company’s plug-and-play assortment of tools, to help round out their own offerings.

“The feedback from content partners has been great,” said Hijiri Okada, EVP of global operations. “This is a system that can supplement other offerings.”


Irdeto used the NAB Show to debut technology that combines support for JPEG 2000 in Interoperable Master Format into the company’s scalable distributor watermarking solution.

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is helping OTT providers and pay TV providers reduce costs, and is a popular exchange format for 4K and HDR assets, Irdeto noted. That’s why Irdeto TraceMark forensic watermarking now provides content owners with support for JPEG 2000 (J2K) in IMF exchange formats, in order to help prevent piracy of premium 4K and HDR content.

Using the service, content owners can keep one master version of the content and send out individually watermarked versions of the content on-the-fly. Because of this, content owners no longer need to transcode individual copies, reducing the use of storage and preparation time.

“It’s another indication of our support for our partners in the ecosystem,” said Lawrence Low, VP of business development and sales for Irdeto.

Additionally, Irdeto is upping its Android TV strategy by helping companies more quickly detect piracy threats on that platform, according to Gabriel Hahmann, sales director for Brazil and Southern Cone.