NAB Show: New Post-Production Solutions on Tap From MESA Members

By Jeff Berman and Chris Tribbey

This is the second of two stories previewing some of the post-production solutions being showcased at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. The first can be found here.

Some of the members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) representing the post-production solutions space at the 2018 NAB Show discussed here include IBM Watson Media, Ooyala, Oracle, Testronic Labs, Thinklogical, Sony, Vistex and ZOO Digital.

Here’s a look at what each company is bringing to the show:

IBM Watson Media

IBM will share how it’s combining AI and streaming technology to deliver video experiences that enable both content owners and distributors to improve both viewer engagement and loyalty. IBM executives and industry experts will be on hand to showcase the company’s offerings, covering enhanced metadata via AI, automated closed captioning and transcription processes, OTT, VOD and TV Everywhere services, live and on-demand streaming, and secure video sharing. SL5305, [email protected]

IYUNO Media Group

At the NAB Show, IYUNO Media Group will introduce MSX, a new, licensable, cloud-based software platform for subtitling, captioning, and dubbing that streamlines demands and offerings among vendors, freelancers, clients, platforms, channels, and influencers. MSX will be available for per-seat-licensing at various pricing tiers and with optional usages costs for vendors and clients, and for free to freelancers. SU11017, [email protected] [email protected]


Ooyala will be in Las Vegas to unveil its the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, a video production and delivery platform that aims to streamline the process of managing, analyzing and monetizing content.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform promises to offer a unified framework that optimizes the content supply chain, from pre-production all the way to publishing, providing central workflows, shared metadata infrastructure and APIs. The platform leverages both automation and artificial intelligence to streamline video workflows and processes, connect teams and tools for collaboration, and enable better metadata and analytics. SV1000 in the Silver Parking Lot, [email protected]


Oracle’s full suite of media and entertainment solutions will be on hand, offering secure and intelligent media experiences combined with performance and efficiency for transcoding, media access management, metadata annotation, digital animation rendering, and active archiving. Oracle’s offerings are designed for running both on-premise as well as in the cloud, allowing media and entertainment companies to maximize the value of their archived digital content, while also lowering their storage costs. SL8011. [email protected]


Sony will be showcasing new end-to-end workflow solutions at the NAB Show in Las Vegas that are designed to help its many professional customers thrive amid the rapidly changing media landscape, according to company executives. The company’s customers can use Sony’s latest solutions for high dynamic range (HDR), 4K, IP and media workflow to help them transform their operations, he said.

A massive video wall — 32 feet wide by 18 feet high — at the booth will showcase footage shot on Sony’s new 8K studio camera that will be used at the Tokyo Olympics in summer 2020, he told reporters. Sony will also heavily tout HDR workflow solutions.

Also touted at Sony’s NAB Show booth will be its latest pro audio devices and the booth was also arranged to showcase Sony’s workflow efficiency solutions. Sony’s latest over-the-top (OTT) and cloud computing solutions from its Media Solutions Division will be featured as well. C11001, [email protected]

Testronic Labs

Testronic Labs will be on hand to discuss its quality assurance and testing solutions, covering games, content and hardware, across entertainment, media and games, publishing, e-commerce and consumer electronics. [email protected]


Belden Brand’s Thinklogical will showcase a new all-in-one solution for extending virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) architectures in media and entertainment, with live demonstrations at its booth. The TLX Client Integration module is a full-featured virtual machine processor combined with a high-performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) extender, eliminating the need for a separate client device in VDI implementations.

The system can be installed in point-to-point applications or implemented in conjunction with a Thinklogical matrix switch, enabling connectivity between multiple sources and user destinations for enhanced productivity and collaborative workflows.

“With our new Client Integration module, Thinklogical is disrupting the media and entertainment marketplace by delivering the quality and performance of no-added-latency KVM and 4K video extension and switching, combined with a cost-saving virtual machine client,” said Olivier Bojarski, president of Thinklogical. “Content creation professionals no longer need to compromise on productivity, performance and image resolution quality when working in a virtual desktop environment.” SL6328, [email protected]


This year with Vistex at the NAB Show: new cloud solutions for managing content, rights, and royalties.

Rights management plays an incredibly important role in the overarching story of media and direct to consumer streaming. Vistex continues to enrich it’s solutions to meet consumer demand for content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Never before has it been so important to get content out broadly and quickly – across platforms. Securing the right to use IP sits at the very heart of it all. Knowing what a distributor can and cannot distribute at a moment’s notice is critical. Vistex provides a view into rights availability that can be cleared, scheduled, analyzed, and leveraged in real time. A true game changer in today’s economy.

Equally important are the relationships between producers and distributors of high value content. Using Vistex solutions, royalty and participations payouts are accurately calculated and shared with both parties to support transparent reporting and trusting relationships that sit at the very core of the media and entertainment industry.

Vistex has been working with some of the largest and best- known content aggregators in the world with our rights management and royalties solutions for over two decades. We have the subject matter DNA, technical resources (over 1300 employees, across 21 offices, worldwide), and innovative tools to deliver and support solutions that scale easily to meet changes in the market. N4435, [email protected]

ZOO Digital

At the NAB Show, ZOO Digital will show off new technology to identify dialog changes in different proxies of TV and movie content, to speed up the dubbing and subtitling process. Known as Delta, the technology automatically tracks dialog changes between different versions — removing the need for manual tracking, duplicated work and unnecessary delays.

By automatically analyzing and identifying the dialog changes between each successive proxy, Delta enables the differences to be determined accurately and reliably, removing unnecessary delays in the dubbing and subtitling process. Delta is being used within ZOO’s cloud-based scripting service, which manages changes to localized TV and movie scripts. This removes the need for manually completing spreadsheets to track changes between script versions.

Delta is just one of a half dozen innovations for the TV and movie industry that ZOO Digital will be showcasing, with the entertainment industry’s first cloud dubbing service, a digital distribution planner, enhanced content security using facial recognition, and a cloud-powered scripting service also among the demos.

“We’re streamlining the subtitling and dubbing process for our customers when it comes to managing changes between new proxies prior to release. Compared to how it is done today, the real benefit is how the data from this technology then flows through to the subtitling and dubbing workflows, so we can control change efficiently within our systems,” said ZOO Digital president Gordon Doran.

“We’re always looking at new ways of making localization easier. For content owners, dealing with versioning can clog up the system and cause delays. Using Delta, we’re able to manage change and make localization far more efficient for everyone involved.” SL5724, [email protected]