The Mill’s Robin Shenfield Describes New Opportunities in VFX for Theatrical/Film Sector That are Driving the Launch of Mill Film (MESA)

The film, advertising, immersive and experiential storytelling industries are going through remarkable transformations. They are being driven by innovation that have created new global opportunities for VFX technologists and artists in the creative industry, says Robin Shenfield CEO of The Mill — and head of the just-launched Mill Film VFX Studio – in a podcast interview for journalists.

“There is so much content on so many platforms for so many different types of screens, and it is changing the dynamics of all media, including theatrical film,” says Shenfield.

As a result, there are new opportunities for Mill Film – which is establishing its first facility in Adelaide, South Australia – to address emerging needs that require new structures, processes and points of presence throughout the world.

The Mill has spent nearly three decades serving the advertising market with cutting edge VFX services. In this market, The Mill has pioneered new innovations and creative applications for these technologies. For instance, The Mill’s award-winning Blackbird vehicle uses CG and augmented reality technology to transform the way the automotive industry brings any model, make or year of vehicle to any market in the world, regardless of whether the asset is available.

Similarly, The Mill has been working with Epic – the makers of the Unreal game engine – to integrate virtual- and augmented-reality technology to revolutionize how VFX content is created and harnessed to bring more interactive storytelling experiences to market.

“Two years ago, we became part of Technicolor, a company that has deep roots in the technology world, and which has more than a hundred-year pedigree in the film making industry. As a result, we now have a new opportunity to bring Mill Film’s creative and technological talent back to the theatrical market,” says Shenfield.

This is not Mill Film’s first endeavor in the feature film business.

“Back in 1997, we created Mill Film, which was co-founded by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott. It was right at the early stage of producing visual effects out of the London market. This was the first VFX business in Europe – really any studio outside of the United States – to win an Academy Award. Mill Film was recognized for its contribution to Ridley Scott’s movie, Gladiator in 2000. Mill Film also worked with Warner Bros. on the first two Harry Potter films, as well as with Paramount on Tomb Raider…and with Tony Scott on Enemy of the State,” says Shenfield.