Watermarking, Cloud Security in Focus at Content Protection Summit

Following the mainstage presentations at the day-long Dec. 6, CDSA Content Protection Summit (CPS) in Marina del Rey, Calif., the more than 300 industry leaders expected in attendance will be given a chance to choose between a series of breakout session, all offering a deeper dive into various corners of the content protection industry.

Here’s a look at what’s in store for the three CPS Innovation and Technology Showcases, “Software and Cloud,” “Watermarking and Storage,” and “Governance and Enforcement”:

• In the “Software and Cloud” segment of the breakout session, Alex Nauda, CTO, and Kai Pradel, founder and CEO of MediaSilo, will be joined by Nicholas Stokes, CTO of XPlatform Consulting, in the presentation “If You Like It, Then You Shoulda Put a Watermark on It: Watermarking as a Service is Cheaper and Easier Than You Think.” They’ll look at how media and entertainment clients have hardened their security without disrupting existing workflows through the implementations of the SafeStream watermarking API, and the benefits of adopting Watermarking as a Service.

• Ted Harrington, and Eli Mexel, executive partners with Independent Security Evaluators, will follow up from a mainstage CPS discussion with the presentation “Cloud Workflows: Achieving Studio-Grade Security, Part II,” which will look at the questions and concerns about security in the cloud in the context of pre-release studio content. “Through case study analysis, we’ll be discussing how to apply security principles to a cloud production workflows,” Harrington said.

• Michael Krulik, principal solutions specialist with Avid and Joel Sloss, senior program manager with Microsoft Azure will team up on a discussion of secure content workflows in the cloud, in the presentation “Limitless Creativity (Secure and on Schedule) in the Cloud.” Attendees will be eligible to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

• To kick off the “Watermarking and Storage” portion of the breakout sessions, Mark Nakano, senior director of product marketing and partnerships for NexGuard, will share his thoughts on what service and content providers can do to protect their OTT services against piracy, combining monitoring and take-down services with tools such as watermarking, in the presentation “Winning the Piracy Wars: Strategies for Protecting your OTT Content.”

“Looking at the latest statistics and trends, OTT streaming is becoming more prevalent. One recent study showed that the future of TV is all app based,” Nakano said. “In this new world, protecting your content is more important than ever. Taking a holistic approach to fight against streaming piracy is required, with DRM, watermarking, anti-piracy monitoring, enforcement, investigation and legal options all working in conjunction.”

• In the discussion “The Collaboration Between Super-Fast WM Detection and Monitoring to Stop Piracy in its Tracks,” Rajan Samtani, senior consultant for the Digital Watermarking Alliance, will have guests on hand to look at how the relationship between forensic watermarking and automated web-crawling, with real-time watermark detection, can disrupt live broadcast pirated streams. Atendees will receive a free watermarked DWA coffee mug.

• Eli Mezei from Independent Security Evaluators and Erik Weaver, global director of M&E market development for HGST, will look at the role storage plays in securing content assets, and how both business and technical decisions about storage technologies impact system security, in the discussion “Storage and Security: A Fireside Chat.”

• For the third series of breakout sessions, “Governance and Enforcement,” Stephanie Iyayi, director of Convergent Risks, will kick things off with her presentation “Everything You Need to Know about GDPR,” the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which represents the biggest shake up to European privacy laws in more than 20 years. Compliance is required by late May, and she’ll share what M&E companies need to know.

• Curtis Staples, advisor with Thinklogical, will share best practices and innovations in media and entertainment post-production infrastructures that offer security features to protect assets from both external cyberattacks and internal threats, in the presentation “Protect Your Content Like a National Secret: What M&E Can Learn from Military & Intelligence Security.”
Recent events demonstrate that content creators are subject to many of the same threats to

• To close out the “Governance and Enforcement” track, Michael Sohn, supervisory special agent with the FBI, will follow up from a main stage presentation that looks into the systems and tools being developed by the content community and service providers in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, in the presentation “Community and Partnership with the FBI.”

The Content Protection Summit is produced by MESA and CDSA, presented by MediaSilo, and sponsored by Independent Security Evaluators, Aspera, the Digital Watermarking Alliance, Menlo Security, Microsoft Azure, NAGRA, NexGuard, Convergent Risks, HGST, PwC, Thinklogical, Avid, Militus Cybersecurity Solutions, Amazon Web Services and Bob Gold & Associates.

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