Rogers Media to Tackle DRM, Content Protection in Nov. 15 Webinar

Digital rights management (DRM) has long been employed to protect studio content, but using DRM to protect the live streams of sports and other live events is a different beast altogether.

That’ll be the focus Nov. 15 at 11 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. Eastern, when Rogers Media, NeuLion and the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) hold “The Content Protection Challenge” webinar, which will look at the benefits and drawbacks of building your own security infrastructure vs. partnering with cloud-based security service providers.

For sports and other live events, the workflow to handle DRM is much more demanding, with Chris Wagner, EVP and co-founder of NeuLion, likening the digital challenge to attending the event itself: everyone’s buying tickets at the same time, and everyone’s attending at the same time. Making sure that the service delivering the event is not only secure, but seamless across browsers and devices, is paramount, and far more challenging than the spread-out nature of protecting studio content, he said.

The webinar will see Dale Fallon, digital products director of Sports for Rogers Communications, share research showing the continued impact of streaming piracy, and how his organization had to move beyond basic AES-128 encryption for live sports streaming, to ensure the best DRM solutions were employed across devices and browsers.

He and James Woodward, VP of technology for NeuLion, will also look at the most common misconceptions that influence DRM decision-making, as well as the best practices companies can adopt to avoid making mistakes.

Additionally, attendees will be treated to three interactive polls during the webinar, covering various aspects of the DRM business, with the results (and what fellow attendees are looking at in their DRM implementations) shared at the end of the webinar. “The polls are unique in that they’ll give attendees a sense of what others are looking at,” Wagner said.

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