Bebop Technology Launches in Australia, New Zealand

Cloud solutions provider Bebop Technology has brought its cloud-based post-production platform to both Australia and New Zealand, the company announced, thanks to a sales alliance with media technology consulting firm Mediasmiths.

“Moving to the Cloud is essential for just about any company in media and entertainment, and beyond, because of the scale the Cloud offers and the urgency created by the recent influx of global cyber-piracy,” said BeBop Technology CEO and co-founder Bruce K. Long. “BeBop is uniquely positioned to greatly accelerate media and entertainment’s transition because we offer the necessary tools as well as the understanding of how to navigate the public Cloud, and we are thrilled to work with Mediasmiths to deliver our solution to customers Down Under.”

Bebop cloud-based post-production platform including an array of services, including BeBop Rocket (a secure, real-time, content ingest for all file sizes and formats); editorial and image processing (covering industry-standard tools for editing, titling, visual effects and more); BeBop SmartCAT (a software and mediation layer); business continuity and disaster recovery (which duplicates and stores all production content in the cloud); and BeBop Managed Services (which offers platform support services).

“Mediasmiths is pleased to be working with BeBop Technology to deliver solutions that are taking advantage of the extended configurable resources available through the Cloud,” said Mediasmiths Asia Pacific managing director Paul Ryder. “Our clients have been evaluating cloud-centric workflows for several years, with BeBop we are able to deliver the ability to maximise these capabilities and deliver immediate real economic value to our customers. We are excited to be working with BeBop to deliver this technology locally.”