Aspera Exec: Package Editing Among Latest Features Added to Aspera Files

Package editing is one of several new features recently added to the Aspera Files Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, with more new features coming soon, James Wilson, Aspera director of engineering, said during a June 12 Aspera Files product update webinar.

Expanding on the new feature, he said if a user sent “a very large package on the order of several gigabytes,” but forgot to include a very important file to the recipient, that user can now recall that package and then “completely edit” its content. The new feature was added in the past couple of weeks, he said.

Another new “key feature,” package forwarding, allows users to send an instantaneous copy of a package and forward it to another recipient – just like what one would do with an email, he said.

Other new features recently added, he said, included workspace-level storage management, node level storage management and domain-based login restrictions. With workspace-level storage management, an administrator using Aspera Files now has the ability to enter another user’s desktop to “manage his critical data” and “clean things up” if that other user is, for example, using too much data, he said. An administrator using Aspera Files can also now reallocate the storage that another user had if that person leaves the organization, he said.

Global storage management was a feature, meanwhile, that many Files users had been requesting and has now been added as well, he said.

Two more new features will be “deployed in the next week” also that “enterprise-level organizations had been asking us for,” he went on to say.

They include an additional set of notifications on packages that will enable users – if they want — to alert people on a notification list who aren’t receiving a package when a package has been sent and when it’s been downloaded by the recipients, he said. The other new feature that’s coming is an email “templatization” function, allowing an administrator to customize emails across an organization and also customize the kinds of notifications that people within the organization receive versus those outside the organization, he said.