NAB 2017: NeuLion’s MainConcept Business Signs Multi-Codec Deal for Snell Advanced Media’s Broadcast Solutions (MESA)

NeuLion announced that its subsidiary MainConcept GmbH has licensed MainConcept® AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, DVCPRO HD and JPEG 2000 SDKs to Snell Advanced Media Systems for use in its xFile solutions covering Alchemist XF, Quasar XF, Kronos XF and MBG XF on various platforms as well as its video editing product portfolio.

xFile, available for Windows and Linux, is a scalable software architecture consisting of several solutions for media transformation, file conversion, faultless media timing and file monitoring running on commodity IT equipment. Serving broadcasters, post-production facilities and service providers, Snell Advanced Media allows customers to configure, manage and monitor the processing of file-based assets with confidence, shortening turnaround times and enhancing client satisfaction.

The highly flexible and powerful MainConcept AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, DVCPRO HD and JPEG 2000 SDKs are integrated into the complete xFile product line as well as SAM’s video editing portfolio. This integration enables users to select from a full range of video codecs the formats that best fit their specific file-based production workflows and requirements, even in up to 8K resolution. The cross-platform MainConcept SDKs provide encoding and decoding of all leading professional formats such as XDCAM, AVC-Intra, XAVC, D10, AVCHD and more, supporting MXF, MP4, MJ2 as well as MPEG-2 TS container formats.

“Seeing a wide range of MainConcept SDKs integrated into SAM’s xFile framework and video editing solutions illustrates our leadership in codec technologies and highlights that our technology meets the highest quality and performance standards of the broadcast market,” said Deacon Johnson, SVP Global Sales – Technology Licensing for MainConcept at NeuLion. “The professional codecs and formats provided by MainConcept are the driving force behind many of the leading media processing solutions in the industry, and we are proud to work with the experienced team at SAM on a broad and long-term partnership.”

“We use the MainConcept codec libraries because they are considered the best and most reliable libraries in the industry,” adds Jeremy Courtney, Head of Media Processing Software at SAM. “Snell Advanced Media offers world class products, so we need world class components in them. Strategically we choose to license codecs so we can devote our engineering efforts to the unique technology that differentiates our products in the market.”