Wipro Expands Holmes AI, Cloud Initiatives with Cloud Bot Digital Consultant

Wipro on March 14 launched the latest initiative that’s part of its artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud strategies, saying the new Wipro Holmes Cloud Bot is a “continuously learning digital consultant.”

The Cloud Bot “leverages” Wipro’s BoundaryLess Data Center solution, as well as its Holmes AI Platform that it said in a news release helps enterprises “hyper-automate processes, redefine operations and enable their digital journeys.” Holmes represents Wipro’s “integrated automation capabilities across infrastructure, applications and business process services, delivered through a comprehensive blend of tasks, processes, and cognitive technologies,” it said.

The AI Platform was developed using machine learning, natural landscape processing (NLP), genetic and deep learning algorithms, semantic ontologies, pattern recognition and knowledge modeling techniques to provide solutions delivering “cognitive enhancement to experience and productivity, accelerate process through automation and at the highest stage of maturity reach autonomous abilities,” according to Wipro’s web site.

Companies that have used Holmes AI so far include Nexenta, a company that provides computer software for data storage and backup. Nexenta implemented a next-generation customer helpdesk management solution in 2015 that Wipro said was powered by Holmes.

The new Holmes Cloud Bot uses a gamified NLP-based chat interface to have an intelligent interaction with users that’s designed to enrich the data for cloud analysis, Wipro said in its announcement. It “leverages applications and infrastructure data residing in multiple data sources in the client’s environment, and facilitates collaboration between stakeholders from IT and business teams to create a comprehensive digital repository,” the company said. That “helps in analyzing and predicting viable cloud placement decisions, based on rule-based algorithms and past learning to accelerate the client’s cloud journey,” it said.

The Cloud Bot also “solves the complexities of collating undocumented information about an enterprise’s technology application architectures, risk management and compliance landscape,” Wipro said. It derives insights from that data to “define cloud strategy and offer optimal application choices,” it said.

Wipro is “seeing a convergence of technologies that is driving business value for clients,” Kiran Desai, SVP and head of global infrastructure services, said in the news release. The Cloud Bot combines cloud, AI and collaborative technologies, which Wipro believes are “catalysts in accelerating transformation,” Desai said.

Holmes provides “state-of-the-art cognitive computing solutions that help accelerate an enterprise’s digital journey by enhancing their operational efficiency, effectiveness and user experience,” Rohit Adlakha, VP and global had of the Wipro Holmes AI Platform, said in the news release. The Cloud Bot is “well positioned to deliver this advantage to our clients across various industry domains,” Adlakha said.

The Cloud Bot was “designed to hasten cloud assessment projects for enterprises, thereby substantially reducing the time taken, from months to weeks,” according to Wipro.