2nd Screen Society Launches Smart Screen News

LOS ANGELES — The 2nd Screen Society, a five-year-old trade organization for the media and entertainment industry focused on advancing data collection and content consumption on mobile devices, will rebrand its weekly e-mail newsletter to focus on innovations and technical developments in connecting consumer data with content developers, via next-generation software and integration of “Smart Screen” devices.

“From its earliest days, 2nd screen offered content owners the promise to deliver enhanced customer engagement and real-time feedback,” explains 2nd Screen Society Executive Director Guy Finley. “Now that the 2nd screen has become genericized and fully integrated into existing delivery models/workflows, it is imperative that content professionals explore the opportunities afforded when Smart Screens are coupled with Smart Content. Our Smart Screen News e-mail will complement MESA’s current industry newsletters by focusing on ways that data is optimizing distribution and furthering development through information obtained via IoT-enabled devices.”

2nd Screen Society Content Advisors include:

John Canning, VP, New Media Council, Producer’s Guild of America; Ben Malbon, Marketing Director, Creative Partnerships, Google; Dave Perry, VP, Social Media, Nickelodeon; David Preisman, VP, Emerging Distribution Platforms & Special Markets, Showtime Networks; Ian Schafer, Founder & CEO, Deep Focus; Seth Shapiro, Governor, Interactive Media, Television Academy; Joe Shields, Vice President, Connections, iHeartMedia; Evan Silverman, SVP, Digital Media, A+E Networks; Philippe Steinmetz, Marketing Director, TV & SVOD, Orange.

The 2nd Screen Society was formed in 2012 to advance the creation, production and adoption of content, applications, devices and distribution systems within the greater 2nd Screen Engagement Ecosystem.

It has focused its attention on facilitating API and web services between apps, Smart TVs, mobile devices and set top boxes, providing a social, seamless and stimulating consumer experience that harness the power of data and provide visibility and usage information to companies as content is created, marketed, delivered and archived.

Additionally, the Society’s Search/Discovery initiative has advanced the dialogue between video service providers, metadata provides and content creators to create a lean-back video discovery experience.

Recent advancements in data-optimized via Smart Screens will be explored at MESA’s upcoming Smart Content Summits (East and West) being held on Feb. 23 in New York City and March 9 in Los Angeles.

Visit www.SmartContentSummit.com for additional information.

For more information on Smart Screen News contact: Jeff Hyatt at [email protected] or Chris Tribbey at [email protected]

To become a MESA member company, contact: Garrett Randall at [email protected]