SyncOnSet Wins a Primetime Engineering Emmy (MESA)

This week, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced SyncOnSet Co-Founders Brett Beaulieu-Jones, Jeffrey Impey, and Alexander LoVerde as recipients of the 68th Primetime Engineering Emmy Award for their development of the industry-leading software for TV and Film production design departments. The Primetime Engineering Emmy is “presented to an individual, company or organization for engineering developments that considerably improve existing methods, or innovations that materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television.” For the 68th Primetime Engineering Emmy, only five other companies will receive the distinguished award.

SyncOnSet was born out of a simple idea: replace the three-ring production binder with professional software designed for how production teams work. Starting with a solution for Costume departments, the product quickly expanded to solve the unique workflow challenges of Makeup, Hair, Props, Set Dec, and Location departments. The ease of use and significant time and cost savings (hundreds of hours and thousands in printing costs each episode) led to rapid adoption.

Kirsten Vangsness, one of the stars of the CBS drama Criminal Minds, will host the Awards on Wednesday, October 26 from the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

From left to right, Co-Founders Brett Beaulieu-Jones, Jeffrey Impey, and Alexander LoVerde

“Sync OnSet is an irreplaceable system in the Game of Thrones costume department,” said Emmy Award Winning Costume Supervisor, Sheena Wichary. “Working between units, it provides a clear link for our continuity. Time-wise it saves us so much when breaking down scripts, as traditionally this would’ve taken an age. We would not be without SyncOnSet today or tomorrow. It is our information axis!”

In only four years, the software has been embraced by thousands of TV series and films around the world. SyncOnSet has been implemented by over 2,500 TV series and feature films and 50% of scripted television for U.S. distribution. The software has been used by all major film studios, undergoing rigorous security testing.

“It’s rare to see this kind of exceptional rate of growth and market penetration from an emerging company in the production space,” said Bob Beitcher, CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

SyncOnSet has grown into a leading entertainment technology company, employing 23 people with offices in Boston and Los Angeles. SyncOnSet Technologies, Inc. is VC-backed led by Rose Park Advisors, a specialized investment firm that applies the theory of disruptive innovation developed by co-founder Clayton Christensen.

LoVerde: “We’re beyond thrilled to be recipients of the Engineering Emmy. Recognizing a technology solution in our category is also an acknowledgement of the value of the crew we support and the need to provide them with the best possible technology solutions.”

Photo: From left to right, Co-Founders Brett Beaulieu-Jones, Jeffrey Impey, and Alexander LoVerde